Sooooo BUSTED!: Communists Caught Altering History to Protect Obama

Communists have a well deserved reputation for altering history or “sanitizing the past to suit their purpose. But that’s all in the past, they are open and honest now…. they would never use deception to advance their agenda, would they……?

President Obama has a long history with several radical groups, including the Communist Party USA.

The communists naturally want to protect their “friend” from negative fallout should such associations become publicly known.

It seems they are even willing to censor or alter their own publications to hide evidence of their past support for the President. Thankfully “wayback” provides proof positive of the communist’s deliberate dishonesty

Below is a screen shot of the original article, taken as it appeared on the Communist Party USA website as at December 30, 2007. Note the reference to Communist Party support for Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate primaries.

Below is a screen shot of the edited article (current version):

Note that the sentence, “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election.” has been scrubbed from the above article.

Rub the communists face in their clumsy attempt at deception. Email this post to every patriot you know. Also send it to any honest Democrats in your circle of friends or colleagues and ask them what they think of this blatant attempt to hide the Communist Party’s ties to the President.


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15 thoughts on “Sooooo BUSTED!: Communists Caught Altering History to Protect Obama

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  2. So, it appears the CPUSA is concerned that references to the communist ties of obama may hurt his 2012 run. Interesting.

  3. So i wonder,DID they change the date that hawaii became a state?? In 1961 my mom said they were still negoiating state hood for hawaii.

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  5. I have started keeping a back up on all research like this because they scrub things fast. Glad you had this to put out there.

  6. The CPUSA also wrote in their official reaction to Obama's election as President "Obamas ascendancy to the presidency feels like a springtime of possibility."

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