Rape Victims Should be Furious at the Dems Over Ford

After what has been one of the most shameful political spectacles in history, the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is nearly at a close. While at this press time, I have no idea what the outcome is, I do know that our country has hit an all-time low.

Our leftist friends can only see one possibility in the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh because that is what the narrative demands. Their one and only possibility is that Dr. Ford’s testimony is the unvarnished truth… along with the truth that Judge Kavanaugh waved his willy at some girl at a party, and (my favorite) the truth that as a high school student, he and his friends fed college girls quaaludes to gang rape them at parties- parties the victims would keep going back to, ostensibly because they wanted to be raped again… I guess… I’m not sure how that part of the story works.

In reality there exist, of course, two possibilities. First, that this is the most horrific political hit job in history. That Ms. Ford sees her “civic duty” as fighting against Donald Trump and his minions of evil by any means necessary. If that means excoriating an innocent man in front of his young daughters with a story that is embellished at best or made up at worst, well it is a small price to pay for social justice. But, there is also the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh was indeed a 15-year-old groper of girls. Dismissing the other two allegations as too ridiculous to dignify, let’s pretend… (and I did say pretend) that Ms. Ford’s allegations are 100% true. Let us further speculate that one’s behavior in high school should be germane to fitness for high government office nearly 40 years later.

If Ms. Ford is the victim of a traumatic sexual assault, then what the Senate Democrats did to her was nothing short of reprehensible. If the idea was to simply find Judge Kavanaugh unfit for the good of the nation, they could have quietly shown the letter to the other members of the Judiciary Committee and to President Trump back in July. Judge Kavanaugh could have quietly been removed from the list and another nominee selected. Ms. Ford could have been spared the national spotlight on her personal trauma. But they did not do that. Instead, they selfishly used her pain as a political “point after.” They pretended to go along with the process by asking relevant questions and running down the clock to the midterms. They knew this monster had victimized this poor woman and should not be on the Supreme Court, but why spare the taxpayers the expense of this sham hearing when they can draw it out, and then when they can stall no more, rip this woman’s worst experience of her life out at the last moment for all the world to see? Instead of protecting and supporting her fragile state as a victim they threw her naked into the spotlight so all the world could know of the thing she kept private for nearly 40 years. In essence, they raped her a second time and have the unmitigated gall to hold themselves out as national heroes in an “I am Spartacus!” moment because of it. The #MeToo movement people should be FURIOUS at how these Democrats treated her victimhood as a plaything! They didn’t care about her, they used her rape for political gain, mocking her bravery for coming forward and discouraging other women from ever coming forward again.

So, no matter which version of the story is true, the Senate Democrats are simply awful people. They don’t actually care if Judge Kavanaugh is a rapist or not, or if Ms. Ford is telling the truth or not. They don’t care about victimizing rape survivors or ruining an innocent man. This entire process has been about one thing and one thing only: the increase of their own power.

At this point in history, I wish my Liberal friends were capable of the critical thinking skills and reflection to see what Feinstein, Booker, and company are truly made of. But they don’t and they can’t. Come this and every November hereafter they will line up and reward these monsters with their contributions and their votes. They will continue to commit their blind allegiance to the narrative. The truth will be whatever CNN, Nancy Pelosi, or Ashley Judd says it is. We on the right have to accept they cannot be saved, at least not yet anyway. We must realize the enemy is at the gates. They will give no quarter. No relief is coming. The line must hold.


Author: Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn is has been involved with Second Amendment issues for nearly twenty years, In addition to testifying before the State legislature, Gunn hosted the Polite Society podcast and was a staff writer for both Tavernkeepers and the Brenner Brief. Having grown up in Lexington Massachusetts, Peter learned at an early age the power and necessity of an armed citizenry. Peter now lives in rural New Hampshire, as far away from other people as he can get.

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