Naxals Murder 24-Workers Party Morally Responsible

The NZ Workers Party backs India’s Maoist rebels, the Naxalites.

Consequently they are now morally responsible for 24 more deaths.

From Naxal Revolution

Raipur, July 10 (IANS) The bodies of 24 Chhattisgarh security personnel, who had gone missing after a gun battle with Maoists in Dantewada district Monday, were recovered Tuesday even as rebels launched fresh attacks, police said.

Bodies of all 24 personnel, including 16 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) troopers, six special police officers (SPOs) and two district policemen, have been recovered in Konta block, over 500 km from here, said Girdhari Nayak, inspector general (Maoist operations), Chhattisgarh.

“A total of 115 policemen, including 84 SPOs, led by 28 personnel of CRPF’s 55th battalion went to the hilly Konta block Monday afternoon to bust a Maoist hideout but about 300-400 Maoists attacked the combing force. The encounter left two CRPF men and five SPOs critically wounded,” state Home Minister Ram Vichar Netam told the state assembly.

Police estimate that about 5,000 Maoists armed with AK-47 rifles and landmines are active in Chhattisgarh’s southern hilly districts. They are backed by about 20,000 cadres who carry self-loading rifles and traditional weapons like bows and arrows.


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10 thoughts on “Naxals Murder 24-Workers Party Morally Responsible

  1. “has the nz police killed innocent people? yes”

    So are you trying to morally attempt to link the New Zealand police to those Naxalite criminal terrorists you are supporting? You must have an issue then.

  2. so has hone done that? no

    has the nz police killed innocent people? yes

    does act support the war in iraq and the armed incursion into abouriginal communities? yes

    end picture? act supports violence if it is state sanctioned. funny position for so called libertarians.


  3. “India aint short of people is it? so a few get killed. its not really big news is it. Who gives a shit!”

    So anonymous, you wouldn’t mind to tell why these Naxalites are receiving weapons and training from the Communist Chinese and would want to turn India into a gulag?

  4. India aint short of people is it? so a few get killed. its not really big news is it. Who gives a shit!

  5. “But fighting the repressive security apparatus of the Indian state guns in hand – while debatable from a (revolutionary) tactical point of view – is certainly not “morally wrong”.”

    Please, don’t go into this sort of denial. The Naxalites use child soldiers as part of their campaign against the “oppressive” security forces. They also target India’s infrastructure and target towns full of innocent people.

    You suggest how you are not supporting Communist China’s policies, even while there are plenty of reports surfacing that the Communist Chinese are arming the Naxalites, fueling the terror insurgency is what they really are.

    I can’t believe even a Western pro-Communist type is just as much as a fool to fail to see the sort of deception the Communist Party of China supported the sort of “liberalization” just as much as any Western anti-Communist. The Communist Chinese send arms and send their intel operatives to train the Naxalites.

    The Naxalites are not Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Neither of the other similar terror movements in the region such as the Tamil Tigers or the Maoist movements in Nepal. No Merry Men would want to employ children as soldiers, target infrastructure, kill innocent civlians and take control of large areas of the control for the shake of “fighting an oppresive security apparatus”.

  6. ????

    As I’ve already explained mah, I don’t support the Naxals (though not because I’m opposed to armed struggle under any and all circumstances, rather because the Naxals seem to write off the urban working class in favour of the peasantry, and have been known to attack other leftists with whom they have political disagreements.

    So I’m not going to defend their political strategy or aims, any more than I would that of the Chinese CP or Kim Jong-Il in North Korea.

    But fighting the repressive security apparatus of the Indian state guns in hand – while debatable from a (revolutionary) tactical point of view – is certainly not “morally wrong”.

  7. So Cameron, Timur, you justify installing a brutal gulag which would end up murdering hundreds of innocent lives in the process? There are plenty of other examples the Naxalites hope to implement in India: China, Cuba, Russia, Zimbabwe, North Korea. Take your pick.

  8. Killing police in NZ would not be morally wrong – however tactically it would be unwise and pointless, since unlike in India the revolutionary left in NZ is able to operate in conditions of bourgeois legality.

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of the Naxals (it may shock you to know Trev that we WP members have no “party line” for or against armed struggle in South Asia), since as well as targeting the repressive apparatus of the state the Naxals have also been known to target other leftists.

    But I won’t shed any tears over the deaths of these “security personnel” (i.e. capitalism’s hired thugs) either.

  9. That was predictable Cameron.

    Let’s make this local.

    If Hone Harawira “got out the guns” in Northland and shot 24 policemen, would you support that?

    Would the Workers Party?

    Is killing Kiwi policemen, morally any different than killing indian policemen?

  10. US Military and corporate mercenaries, from companies such as Blackwater, murder 600,000 Iraqis – ACT Party morally responsible.

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