Butter for Bombs? Meat for Missiles?

Isn’t this great?

From this morning’s NZ Herald

New Zealand remains on track to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with China by April 2008 – making it the first developed country to do so -Prime Minister Helen Clark says.

Helen Clark and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held a 45 minute bilateral meeting late last night (NZT), ahead of a major summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in the Philippines city of Cebu today.

After the talks Helen Clark said both she and Mr Wen believed an FTA could be completed before April 2008.

They would like to see agreement reached by April 2008 and I said that given that it is in both our interests both of us the sooner the better,” she said.

Well, on second thoughts…

From International Assessment and Strategy Centre

On December 27, before a meeting of Chinese Communist Party officials of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Party Chairman, Chinese President, and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao stated, “We should strive to build a powerful navy that adapts to the needs of our military’s historical mission in this new century and at this new stage…We should make sound preparations for military struggles and ensure that the forces can effectively carry out missions at any time.”


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16 thoughts on “Butter for Bombs? Meat for Missiles?

  1. “steve the not so-nice guy”,

    Do you care that China is still a totalitarian regime? How about that Tianamen Square incident?

  2. I’d know better than you mate. I went there 6 months after Mao’s death when the Gang of Four was all the rage. I know New Zealand teachers who lived there during the Cultural Revolution.

    So enough of your final punchline being so trite.

    Again you praise yourself re “debate”.

  3. “Steve the not-so nice guy”,

    Again please shut the hell up. You provide nothing to the debate. But you have shown to act like a five-year-old would. And yet you would be the one to accuse me of being the “child”.

    At the same time you are also ignorant that China remains to still be a totalitarian Communist dictatorship.

  4. PS for Mah,

    You know, when I was 14 or so, I used to get top marks at school for my US-licking essays supporting the Vietnam War – “And Sir, the evil commies, they……”

    Well, even the dogs in the street know the verdict on that one !

    You remind me of me then.

  5. Mah Mah Mah Mah Mea !

    This is not a debate (how you praise yourself!) – this is a couple of nutters agreeing with one another – the Trev/Mah Dog/Ma.

    Two percenters who don’t have the maturity to understand, that to have the world the way they want it, they would have to defeat human nature and the world’s development to this point. And to do so they would have to deploy fascist totalitarianism.

    Simple, simple, simple. That’s why 98% don’t think the way they do.

    And Mah – either you’re not very literate in fact, or you spell bad when you get angry !

  6. “Steve the not-so nice guy”,

    Please shut the hell up and grow up. You already have proven that you are not an “adult” when it comes to debates such as these. You of course remain ignorant that China is fueling the conflict in Darfur by playing both sides with the rebel groups committing the atrocities and even the Sudanese government committing the atrocities.

    In places like Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States and its allies are at least trying to give these people a more humane government than they once had before. But I guess people like you want to take that away just like you folks did with the Vietnamese fleeing the Communist regime of Vietnam and let’s not forget two other Communist regimes that popped up-Laos and Cambodia.

  7. Well because of globalism you can’t actually just say Fuck Them !
    Pas Possible !

    It’s just that according to the Trev/Mah Doctor/In, we gotta indiscriminately say “Fuck You”, to anyone, globally, who ain’t extreme, zealot mad, far, far right wing, verging on you know what.

    I guess about 95% upwards of people in this country think that stuff’s a crock of fancy shit.

    What did ACT and the FIBS poll last time ? Has to be upwards….

  8. Anonymous,

    Why are you so apologetic to America’s enemies and other folks who wish to sabotage Western civilization?

  9. Anonymous,

    Do you really care that the Chinese government is using average Chinese as guniue pigs for organ transplants that always seem to fail?

  10. Anon. Nothing to do with PC. I’ve often stated my opinion that national security comes before free trade.

  11. A totalitarian government increasing it’s military is a bad thing … but isn’t freer trade better than closed trade?

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