More on Students for Justice in Palestine Militants

This comment came through with more info on the militant Auckland University group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

The commentor is replying to Asher Goldman, an anti Zionist Jew, anarchist and close associate of several of those arrested in the October 15th 2007 anti-terror raids.

Omar, refers to Omar Hamed, a leading SJP member, anarcho-communist and October 15th arrestee.

Sooden refers to Harmeet Singh Sooden, an SJP member, famous for being held hostage in Iraq in 2006 and later being expelled from Israel.

I have blanked out the name of the woman referred to.

Thanks Akbar and friends, keep em coming.

Asher protests too much or has no clue what happens inside AUSA and Student Space at Auckland Uni. Hamed may not yet have traveled to Palestine but was in the habit of talking about having to train up in armed resistance techniques prior to traveling there. He is the International Affairs Officer for AUSA and was the one behind the bounty offer for a citizens arrest of Condoleeza Rice for “war crimes” when she came through NZ.

Sooden explicitly stated that his “mission” in Iraq was to confront Zionist and US occupation, and was subsequently deported from Israel as a security threat (the Israelis know something about security threats).

The Israeli consulate in Wellington was only recently upgraded to embassy status and there is, presumably, an Israeli consulate in Auckland–both targets of the SJP militants.

XXXXX may have been “friendly” to Asher in spite of his being a Jew, but that means nothing as she is notorious for her two-faced and underhanded tactics. Plus, to deny that she has spoken of targeting Jews in general (as opposed to just Zionists) is both false and trivialises the fact that she advocates acts of violence against NZ citizens that she deems as enemies.

In fact, as a militant Sunni she has ranted against Shiia Muslims as “almost” as bad as Jews and Christians and had, until the raids, expressed interest in joining the training camps. Her orchestration of several other well known events against perceived enemies is a matter of record that cannot be denied. One only needs to look at her blog and her comments (under the pseudonym “anti-flag”) on various leftist blogs to see what her agenda is.

As for the others Trevor mentions, some, like Miriam Pierard, have abandoned SJP because of their increasingly extremism. New names, mostly Arab, have been added and include a number of foreign students as well as locals of Arab/Iranian/Indian and Pakistani extraction.

Ask around student activist circles at Auckland Uni and the Islamo-marxist orientation of these people will be brought up quickly. Which raises the question as to whether Asher is a member of this circle or just a tool.

It almost seems that Tame Iti’s Urewera taining camps were an open secret around Auckland Uni before the police raids. Can anyone else confirm this?

This connection between SJP and the “Urewera 17” merits further research.


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6 thoughts on “More on Students for Justice in Palestine Militants

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  2. My pleasure, George. If you’re a fan of research, I’m a fan of you. I wish you low taxes and tall children.

  3. I also heard that islamomarxistanarchistfascist”peaceandjustice”kittenbeaters were active on the University of Auckland. Thanks for substantiating the speculation Ryan. Much appreciated.

  4. Trevor,

    I have done extensive research on the connections between the Urewera 17, SJP, various anarchist and Islamofascist and Islamomarxist groups around New Zealand. They certainly do attract a type. I’m very familiar with the disturbing patterns of behaviour found amongst them. I hope that I can add to your own research some of mine, and together we can help inform New Zealand of the sometimes worrying elements in our society.

    Firstly, I have information about Omar Hamed and XXXXX, mentioned in your post. After being disturbed by some things I overheard them say in an argument, I followed them at a discreet distance as he walked through the corridors of the university. They were walking through the HSB building, which is a kind of Kafkaesque nightmare of long thin corridors and functional doors.

    At one point I was worried they had spotted me, as they began walking faster. I actually had to run up the stairwell, checking each time to see if the elevator was stopping on that floor. Sadly for my heart and lungs, they were going to the 10th floor!

    Anyway, these details aren’t so important, but it was quite exhilarating.

    They turned into a door at the end of a long corridor, and after a short amount of time, I walked carefully up to the door and looked inside. I’m not sure what I was expecting – perhaps an SJP meeting or something. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw and heard.

    There was some noise I couldn’t quite identify, slightly high-pitched, like an electronic device or something. Curious, I peered through the small window on the door.

    In the room, on the floor, were dozens of tiny kittens. Each had been shaved and tattooed with words of things that you and I love, Trevor! Things like freedom and peace and I think one of the poor little guys was called Friedman! They were kicking and stamping on these kittens, Trev! The NOISE, Trevor. I’ll never forget it. It haunts my dreams to this day.

    There was one kitten they had named Ayn Rand, which I noticed was a male kitten (some cruel reference to Rand, no doubt). They had tied it to a swingball pole and were smacking it back and forth with replica AK-47s, screaming foul praise of their demonic moon god. I couldn’t make out the words, because they were in Arabic, but I’m pretty sure they said, “END FREEDOM AND LET’S GO AND TRAIN IN TERRORIST CAMPS AND STUFF!”

    I recoiled in horror, Trev. I don’t think I can properly convey to you the terror in my heart as I saw this grotesque carnival of hate. I remember running, running through the corridors, thinking one thing:


    And now I have. My work is done. Hopefully now the nightmares will leave me alone and I can sleep once more, lulled to sleep by dulcet tones of Fox and Friends.

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