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  1. Nancy – So this fed directly into Apollo draft of stimulus no doubt. It was also very interesting how they wondered how Obama was going to be both the leader of America and the leader of a social movement at the same time. To solved the problem they recommended a net base organization and shazam… we get OFA. Creepy indeed.

  2. Anyone thinking these are fringe kooks doesn't realize the inmates are now running the asylum. Check out the organizations involved on http://www.fouryearsgo.com, working for the "shift". The "shift" is what they have been working towards since the theosophy movement. Google Alice Bailey, New Age, Gore, UN, Robert Muller, etc. All connected.

  3. Robin-Jackpot!!!

    That was finished in November 2008. Looks like they knew the trainwreck of our system was coming way in advance to finish a paper that big with that many collaborators. The last sub section in the paper gives a chilling view on Communitarian rethinking of our communities. This is what TRILLIONS of dollars are going to build!!!!!!!!!

    Creepy Stuff!

  4. Robin, check this one out too: http://web.mit.edu/colab/work/innovation-equity-report.pdf
    Published Nov 2008. It looks like they already had a plan in place.
    Among other things, I also get the idea from this that maybe most of the stimulus money hasn't yet been spent because they have yet to decide which segment of the population most needs it. Like minority companies based in inner cities where unions and such are most organised.
    I could be wrong though.

  5. 3BL has already been instituted through the universities and I suspect that a large percentage if not all MBA's are exposed.

    Consulting groups like these are helping to expand the sustainable network. They help corral businesses into supply chains which they claim will be the only competitive option in the future (now, how do they know that?): http://www.taigacompany.com/

    "sustainable supply chain management" field is growing rapidly. Here is a case for it: http://www.sustainable-supplychain.com/Sustainability_is_Free___The_Case_for_Sustaina.pdf

    Net Impact: This group is going to be instrumental in driving the movement forward in the next decade: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Impact

    Read about the movement and how gov policy will help shape the future of sustainable businesses in the pdf below. Isn't it interesting how these people, when the economy turned due to entirely avoidable circumstances, were so prepared with the claim that our current economy was in a state of "discontinuity". Within this you will see the framework outlined for the transformation of our economy. Only we, the people, will have no choice but to play ball. Where is the liberty?


    – Robin

  6. It is called Communitarianism. It's the unholy alliance of business, government and spirituality. It is a worldwide disease that has infected everyone without our conscious knowledge. Folks, it is a new morality based in humanism, it is not a traditional judeo-christian system that we are living in. The new values are based on community(collectivism), pantheism(all roads lead to god), and ultimately group rights and salvation instead of individual rights and salvation.

    While we were watching for the overt leftist, communists and fruitcakes, this worldview/philosophy has been slipped into our businesses, churches, and schools. Once you research the philosophy and see who pushes the belief system, it will open your eyes to what is really going on in America and the World. Yes, it really is that fundamental to knowing where these pinheads are taking us.

    Keywords that will allow you to identify the philosophy: Sustainability, empowerment, stakeholder, consensus democracy, social capital, third way, common good, and biggest of all…..OPEN GOVERNMENT

    The last has been instituted by Executive order and has been established in every federal agency.

  7. Don – It sounds nice but the government is involved.The "social capitalism" you see here is already driven by incentives that are going to drive freedom out of the markets. For example, at some point, people will have *no choice* but participate in the triple bottom line principles if they are to remain competitive. And it won't be a consumer choice that drives the direction, it will public policies that "nudge" the markets in this direction.

    The sustainability and social agenda behind it all is about controlling people, controlling supply chains, controlling the markets and controlling the economy. The markets will seem free, but only those which are integrated in the sustainable supply chains will remain competitive. And where are all the profits (and there will be profits) going to go? They are going to go from West to East, I assure you. It's Marxist and it's not free and I agree with Trevor, it's fascism if you are a small business trying to remain competitive in America.


    – Robin

  8. Well, what I see is a group of people who believe something that they all agree on (which btw also gives them that 'touchy feely' experience), and which they think is the best thing, and that eventually everyone will agree with them and want the same thing they want.

    Didn't the Chinese call that re-education?

    Beware of other people trying to transform the world because it will be better for you. If it's a good idea, it will catch on. Like fire, the wheel, the mousetrap, the transistor, etc.

    Beware of ideas that look so good, that disagreeing with them will put you outside the group. As in political correctness.

    Let them do whatever they think is good for them, and helping 'the world'.

    I just want to be sure that I can opt out, have a choice, remain free enough to choose to be stupid.

    And yes, Whole Foods is VERY expensive and not many of their customers use food stamps. I totally agree with that.

  9. hellGOTHjb- so well stated. r u in the USA, NZ or where? Global Green police have already been called to have you cleaned up. Disable GPS!

  10. Folks who are conservation-minded certainly get a bad rap and are typically labeled in conjunction with the left. Right now, and rightfully so, the current administration and friends have created a massive resurgence in conservative activism. So, at most we can thank them for that. And hopefully they'll be out this November. However, this video highlights the folks who have at least recognized the free-market as the reason why any of this will sustain. It's because customers will demand more economical practices, not because the government will require it. If i've misinterpreted their intentions then void most of that. But leftist organizations typically would never even hint at being characterized as capitalists…

  11. Oh geez! How is this any different than Bill Gates donating billions & billions of dollars to charity? Same shit, but this is just packaged in a nice little package so all the hippies will be fooled into thinking is just different & green enough for them to support it.

    Huh…just like the liberal left…to change & slightly alter terminology to make it more palatable for the liberal minded, when in reality they want the same thing…money an power. Eh…I wanna puke.

  12. "Embracing the depth of our uncertainty." Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah…I remember. During a debate between New Age Hindu Guru, Deepak Chopra, and Christian Apologist, Greg Koukl.

    Greg Koukl blew Chopra's responses right out of the water!

    Greg Koukl pointed out the fact that people can have differing beliefs regarding faith, but that it is logically impossible for them all to be true at the same time. His trust in Jesus Christ and God's Word stood in direct contrast to Deepak Chopra who admitted "embracing his uncertainty." Koukl's view demonstrates a steadfast and true faith where Chopra's view can only lead to theological oblivion.

    In this case, the Chopra Guru zombies would want to lead us into anti-capitalism oblivion!

    Read two more opinions about the Chopra vs. Koukl encounter here.

  13. Until hearing these 'visionaries' today I really never thought that Ocularectalitis could exist as an epidemic in the scale it does as evidenced by their testimonies!

  14. O.M.G., what self-laudatory Gobbledygook. I kept thinking it was a parody from The Onion. That being said, remember that John Mackey of Whole Foods was boycotted by the Angry Left because he dared write an Op-Ed for the WSJ which dissented from Obamacare, while extolling the virtues of the system he set up for his employees as a free agent in a free market, so he's not all bad.

  15. Just from their words one could think that these people were following sound Christian business practices, like companies such as the Knights of Columbus follow. Doing business without having profit being the end game, rather having the good of scoiety as an end. The problem is in what these people believe the 'good' is. One does have to appluad them for not doing business as ussual in the corrupt business enviroment in which we live. However, the have no idea what is truely good because they have turned their back on the One who Is Good. That error will lead to fascism.

  16. Help me figure out what I'm missing here.

    Whether or not you agree with their message, aren't they going about it the right way? It doesn't seem that government is involved in any way, right? So how can this be fascism? It seems like they are trying to CONVERT instead of COERCE. Isn't that a good thing?

    I don't agree with their message, but I certainly can't fault them on their method. Where am I wrong here?

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