Kind Letters

I maintain what I call a “kind letters” file.

Here are a few excerpts from some of those letters.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the research you have done. If it were not for you so much would still be unknown about Obama. I knew Obama was a communist just from hearing the words he was speaking during the campaign but your research goes far beyond what is known on the surface. You have sparked my interest in understanding communism, its history, and its tactics and I have been studying it by the day. You are right when you say the free world is only held together by the United States and if we lose the rest of the world loses. Thank you for using your knowledge and talents to defend liberty against this wannabe communist dictator, Obama.

Ryan, Minnesota

“And likewise. It is an honor to meet you . I have been an admirer of yours for some time now and the great work you are doing with New Zeal Blogspot and Key Wiki, which together, are probably the single most important resource assisting us in our struggle. Thank you.”


I just finished watching the documentary you promoted on your site in which you were quoted extensively. It was very well done and I am planning to have some friends in this fall to view it. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do as one who doesn’t even live in the United States for our fight for freedom. It is sad when those across the pond if you will understand our amazing country and love her more than many who live here and reap her numerous benefits.

What you are doing is making a difference. We are all trying in certain ways and places to keep the American dream alive for our children. My three kids are teenagers and I pray each day for them to realize how blessed they are to have been born in the greatest country on Earth.

Sara, Ohio

I just wanted to send a message of gratitude and support for all your efforts. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.
You are doing both our countries a great service.

I encourage you to keep up your efforts. My wife and I have a 12 year old daughter and a new 2 month old son. My daughter and son are the reason why the work you do is so important. We must to all we can to keep the future for all children free from tyranny.

Thank again for all you do.


The work you are doing with your website is invaluable, I and many other Americans cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing for our country and yours. You are a true patriot in these uncertain times. I pray every day that we are not too late in awakening from the coma we have been in for too long. Never did I think the United States of America would be in the vulnerable danger we are in. It is unfathomable to me how fast we are heading toward a global government. It isn’t even just about the USA anymore.

I have visited your site every day, many times daily, from the very first mention of it from Glenn Beck. I send links many times daily to those who will not dismiss your research many of which get posted on Facebook or Twittered. You are a selfless man to research to the depths that you do. I am praying that November will not be too late to slow down this EVIL that is abounding among us. There is no other explanation than pure evil, everything is cloaked in lies.


I just wanted to thank you for your hard work to help us learn more about what we are facing. I am a Glenn Beck subscriber and learned of your website from him. And now I constantly read your posts and I’m truly rocked by some of the things you find. Things I had never knew of. I wouldn’t say I’m scared of what you find, but I can’t fully say I’m shocked by them either. The world has become much more cynical than it once was. But I see a movement back to our honor and belief in ourselves. You are a big part of that. So thank you again.

Paula, Oklahoma

Thank G-d so few New Zealanders were injured in that large quake. It is truly miraculous and a testament to the resilience of you Kiwis. Good luck to you all.

In reference to my former statement, you are one of the few brave individuals on the planet who have the guts to stand up to the most powerful Gov’t on Earth and tell it like it is.

You have made many American realize that our country was being subverted right out from under us. Your influence on Glenn Beck and your tenacious research and spot-on analysis has truly helped turn the tide and seems to be developing into a full scale citizen’s peaceful revolt.

There are certainly massive numbers of Americans who could stand to take a lesson in common sense, decency and even Patriotism from you. Not to mention the tenacity and outright courage you have shown in trying to help America right this ship of state.

We are going to win, and the building momentum, propelled in no small part by you, has helped to steel my resolve to do what needs to be done.

You have help awaken a slumbering great nation, that has now been reminded about so much good it has done for the world, so that we can regain our political and economic strength.

Sheldon, New York

I publish these, not to blow my own trumpet, but to show that truth, plainly stated can make a difference.

I also want to say thank you for these letters and the hundreds of other like them.

Thank you to the soldiers serving in Iraq, the policemen in Ohio, the seniors in Florida, the teachers in Illinois, the Tea Partiers in California and the parents, grandparents and patriots from all over the US.

I’m sorry I dont reply to all the emails I recieve, but I do read every single one of them. They are appreciated.

Thank you

Trevor Loudon

New Zealand


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4 thoughts on “Kind Letters

  1. Ah, Trevor, your ability to research and find primary sources validates what we understand (based on the ACTIONS of communists, socialists, and fellow travelers) to be true. We are heartily grateful to you, and we look to you (amongst others who publish on the web) for that foundational research — it’s the research that argues our case the best.

    You listen(!), too.

    Thank you for all the info — including the Agenda 21 material.

    Don’t know if you’ve read David Mamet’s “The Secret Knowledge.” I mention it because Mamet has been abandoned by his (leftist) theatre community after they discovered he was leaning right. He used to be a liberal. Now he’s anything but. His book is a series of fine, very telling chapters that offer great descriptions of how (and, to some extent, why) liberal policies have failed — and I don’t mean just economically. His work also identifies how liberalism has destroyed our generation and our children’s generations. If you get a chance to take a look at it, I think you’ll find it a good read.

  2. Again, thank you Trevor for all that you do, I have purchased "Agenda, Grinding America Down".

    That was one of the most haunting documentaries I have seen. I have watched it over and over again. If one can't put the pieces together after watching it, then they are truly uninterested in our future, or too afraid to face the truth.

    Although I am a champion of the film, many people find it too disturbing to think that these things would actually be feasible in the United States. They choose instead to dismiss it.

    However, if you speak to anyone that has emigrated from communism in Europe, they will quickly tell you how stupid Americans are, and they can see it coming a mile away. Please re-post that trailer again, perhaps they are ready to see it now! It needs to be in the face of this country!


  3. You certainly do deserve those kind words of gratitude Trevor. Your immense research for the truth is amazing and important for the future of our nation and even the world. I read your posts everyday and email them to friends and family. God bless you and family. I pray for the continued recovery of your fellow countrymen from the terrible earthquake.
    Missouri, USA

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