Obamacare Will Kill

New York Republican Governor Candidate Carl Paladino:

I fear the results of Obamacare will be so horrific that it will kill more Americans through deteriorating health care than were lost on 9-11. Nothing can lessen the terrible events of that day, but in terms of raw numbers more will suffer and die through Obamacare.

Horrible but true.


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4 thoughts on “Obamacare Will Kill

  1. Reading the bill is enough to make one critically ill. Obama and Congress had an opportunity to improve the healthcare system. Instead they made every facet of it much, much worse.

  2. It was a very moderate statement pfff.

    Socialized healthcare kills hundreds if not thousands of kiwis every year and lowers the quality of life for many more.

    It's evil, I say.

  3. pfff

    What an insanely misleading and intellectually dishonest statement. Surely anyone who can think their way out of a paper bag will realize such comparisons are only used to mislead.

    I found your commie hunting over here in NZ amusing but this is just not entertaining anymore.

  4. It is but the beginning of "the agenda" – and the US president isn't much, but he is stubbornly resistant to changing his agenda, i.e., the one his communist and socialist supporters have inculcated in him.

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