Hi-Tech Revolutionaries!!!

The Obama era has given the Communist Party USA a new lease of life.

The party is set to launch a new website for its new online daily newspaper which it hopes will massively increase readership.

The party aims to use the website to cover and promote the emerging “peoples movement”-that means communist controlled mass movements to non red readers.

The word is out. On Sept. 1, the Peoples World launches a brand new state-of-the art website for the recently re-emerged daily working-class Marxist press in United States.

The new format has the potential of dramatically increasing the number of the 100,000or so online readers we now reach on a monthly basis.

The website will offer news and features in a multi-media format that includes daily and even up to-the-minute news reports, on-site coverage of events, features, podcasts, photographs and even video.

You’ve already heard about the coming AFL-CIO convention in Pittsburgh Sept. 13 to 17. This convention and the events surrounding it will give us the opportunity to test this new venture in an unprecedented way as we bring you coverage of what will be a dynamic labor-led gathering of the new and powerful people’s movement that has exploded onto the scene in the 21st century.

We are taking this so seriously that we intend to have a full team on the ground to bring you up to date on everything.

The labor movement has already put everyone on notice that it will not stand for watering down health care or on the Employee Free Choice Act. It has already put everyone on notice that a second stimulus package on the order of the WPA program of the 1930s is called for. In Pittsburgh it will map the plans to make these things a reality.

Along with Political Affairs and Labor-Up-Front we will have a hospitality suite that will feature a history of our press, the Communist Party and the left in the labor movement. Many at the convention will have the opportunity to see and talk about this history for the first time. You can see why we are so excited about this.

Our side needs to wake up-these guys are far from dead and buried.


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3 thoughts on “Hi-Tech Revolutionaries!!!

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  2. So very true T C Martin. The long march has gone on right under our noses and those that dared to say anything about this have been ridiculed and defamed/destroyed by the media of the day, they control public opinion now that everyone reads comic books or womens day.
    It has taken quite a long time for the historiographers to rewrite history so as to frame the leftists as some sort of hero for the underdog and ordinary man.
    One only needs to study Hitler and Stalin or Mao, or even the first NZ Labour govt to see who enables evil and should be remembered for the accomplices to evil they really were.Moral equivalence has solved all these pesky problems of defining evil in todays world because the left and their acolytes are experts at defining any threat away.The background music to this drama has always been "don`t worry ,be happy" and so it goes on and on.
    Gotta go ,the All Blacks are playing the Boks, the circus must go on , you know.

  3. The Communists are feeling embolden now that one of their own is in the White House. The feel free to speak more "honestly" about their goals, since their goals are Obama's goals.

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