5 thoughts on “Pete Stark – "The Federal Government Can do Most Anything in This Country"

  1. This is classic Stark. If you ask him a serious question, you get either condescension or ridicule.

    I doubt many people in California have ever seen or heard him speak. For most voters, he is simply "the guy who's been there as long as I've been voting."

  2. throw this bum out! what arrogance! The lady who asked the question all of us wants answered is a GREAT American

  3. Contrast the 2 Videos on your sight- this one and the one of Allen West and tell me which of these men deserve to be in Congress? Which of them is a patriot and which is an arrogant SOB.

  4. Pete Stark shows the arrogance and disdain he has for the Constitution and the American people. Only in california would the electorate continues to send this arrogant ass back to Congress!

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