Fidel Castro on the Looming Iran/Israel War

Notwithstanding his highly skewed viewpoint, Fidel Castro has probably got this one right.

From the Communist Party of Australia’s Guardian

On June 8, in his Reflections titled “On the Brink of the Tragedy”, Fidel alerted the world to the most serious developments taking place in relation to Iran. “The consequences of the US imperial imbroglios could be catastrophic and affect every inhabitant of the planet much more than all of the economic crises combined.”

Fidel warns, “Israel would not refrain from activating and using – with full independence – the considerable nuclear power built by the United States in that country. To believe otherwise would be to ignore reality.

He says: “there is no way the United Nations can change the course of events, and very soon the arch-reactionaries ruling Israel will clash with the indomitable resistance of Iran, a nation with a population of 70 million and well known religious traditions that will not accept the insolent threats of any adversary.

“In short: Iran will not submit to the Israeli threats.”

The United Nations was reportedly about to vote on a resolution for the imposition of a fourth round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to cease the enrichment of uranium. Fidel notes the irony of the situation, “that if it were Israel, the United States and its closest allies would immediately say that Israel did not sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and veto the resolution.

“However, if Iran is simply accused of producing up to 20% enriched uranium, there is an immediate request to apply economic sanctions to strangle that country; and it is obvious that Israel would act as usual, with fascist fanaticism, the same as the soldiers of the elite troops dropped from helicopters before daybreak on those travelling in the solidarity flotilla carrying food to the people besieged in Gaza, killing several people and injuring tens of them who were later arrested alongside the crews of the ships.

“Obviously, they will try to destroy the facilities where Iran is enriching part of the uranium it produces. It is also evident that Iran will not accept such inconsistent treatment,” Fidel says.

We should know the answer to this within a few weeks.


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