Western big business helped to build Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. I call this treason-what about you?

From the Communist Party of China website

The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) signed a memorandum of understanding on personnel training with the General Electric (GE) in Beijing on Wednesday.

The deal covers a plan on training selected Chinese business executives from 2008 to 2010, Xinhua was told on Thursday.

He Guoqiang, head of the Organization Department, and GE Chairman of the Board and CEO Jeffrey Immelt held a meeting before the signing of the MOU.

The cooperation between the two sides started in 2000, and since then they have organized seven training classes for senior business executives.


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7 thoughts on “Treason?

  1. You are so pretentious Mah. Time to get your head out of your bum and smell the roses dude.


  2. The rulers of China are communist in name only. A more correct name would be corrupt totalitarian dictatorship.

    The Mao dynasty will collapse in the not too distant future. A banking crisis will probably set in motion the next revolution.

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