"The Profit System"

Another great 1955 video from the American Adventure series.

Imagine how much better off western countries would be if these values were still widely understood.

Thanks to Kathy


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5 thoughts on “"The Profit System"

  1. LOL! Sorry, but I knew this man… went to Harding… his son, Clifton Ganus III was my chorale instructor.

    It was just a bit of a shock to hear "Searcy, Ar" and see prof. Ganus.

    The content is dead-on.

    Thanks for the 'sentimental journey'

    CM Sackett

  2. Actually it is a profit and LOSS system. And the LOSS part is almost as important. It signals people that they need to go in another direction. Otherwise we would still have many buggy whip manufacturers.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I learned alot- which is helpful because I'm trying to help run a business! It gives me a whole new view.
    Alicia in OK

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