Communists Aim to Step Up Pressure on Healthcare

If any kind of Healthcare Bill is passed by the US Senate, the the Communist Party USA/Democratic Socialists of America/Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, will not rest until they achieve fully socialized ‘single payer’ health care.

The US left will amp up the pressure on their vassals in the unions and their numerous allies in the US Congress and Senate until the entire US health sector is in state hands.

From today’s edition of the Communist Party USA’s People’s World.

We have a lot to do going forward, so let’s celebrate our struggles and future victories: the struggle to fund education and health care, to bring Obama’s health plan to fruition as a big step forward on the road to a national health service, for jobs and housing for all, against racism and sexism, and for a more just, democratic and peaceful nation and world.

See what I mean?


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11 thoughts on “Communists Aim to Step Up Pressure on Healthcare

  1. I just went online to see if the communist party of the USA posted any videos. They have their own channel and they posted 2008 video. In 2008, one of the recipients of an award was by a little Jewish woman. As a Jew myself, she makes me sick. Communists killed so many Jews… Please know the internet is being used to spread their message. Keep spreading our message in response. Grappledoctor aka Unapologeticethnocentricsemite

  2. Looks like you've got a handle on our horror show government in it's current state. Love the blog!


  3. yes because communism always brings about democracy and peace doesn't it?

    Love the blog by the way. Saw you listed at CACC and linked you on mine.

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