The Blaze Confirms Marxist/Muslim Cooperation

A few U.S. commentators have mocked Glenn Beck for daring to suggest that socialists and communists would work side by side with Islamic extremists – something that has been well documented for years.

So in reply The Blaze posted this video of a Washington DC rally organized by the ultra militant  Workers World Party and various extremist Muslim organizations.


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1 thought on “The Blaze Confirms Marxist/Muslim Cooperation

  1. Mr. Loudon-
    I notice that there are the less informed folks posting on the columns that seem to be MSM buzz words…Palin, 9/11, you get the picture…but the columns that are loaded with more facts than can possibly be deciphered or understood, have nothing/no comments on them.

    Those folks don't care about truth…Glenn is right. And so were the guest speakers when one said that the "non-violent" Muslim Orgnaizations were anesthetizing Americans into believing they were not violent,when in fact we know differently.

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