3 thoughts on “Rick Giles on "Earth Hour"

  1. Hi Trevor, In case you missed it today, Beck just mentioned you without using your name by referring to the New Zealand blogger that identified Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall.

    I don't get why these people won't use names. Irritating.

  2. Debate and free speech to get to the truth are vital to our well-being — locally and globally.

    Yet — the so-called parties of "tolerance" — self-proclaimed, admittedly — keep wanting to shut down any actual conversation.

    Al Gore and his contingent claim that the debate is over: no more talking!

    Obama wants the Tea Partiers to shut up.

    "Free Press" and MoveOn.org and SEIU want "Net Neutrality" to be put in place by the FCC — so that Glenn Beck will not be allowed to speak. I'm sure they feel much the same about Rush Limbaugh. And the Tea Partiers. . . .

    It's so obviously ironic — I wonder, truly, do they not actually see how intolerant, how destructive, how much they actually loathe free speech? Or do they recognize it and just continue repeating the lies ad nauseum?

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