India Seeks A/NZ Support for Nuclear Power

From Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency

Aiming to muster the support of all members of the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) for its civil nuclear aspirations, India will seek next week to persuade Australia and New Zealand to shun their reservations on the issue.

Shyam Saran, the special envoy on the nuclear issue, will visit these countries from Tuesday to explain in detail the reasons for India’s aspirations for civil nuclear energy while pointing out its impeccable record in non-proliferation, said a “The Times of India” report.

Saran, the interlocutor for the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, will meet ministers and officials of Australia and New Zealand during his stay there to try and assuage their concerns with regard to backing New Delhi’s aspirations.

Besides getting Australia’s support at the NSG, India would like to have bilateral cooperation with it as it is known to have one of largest uranium reserves in the world.

Saran is expected to underline the fact that India requires civil nuclear power to meet its growing energy needs in view of its rapid economic progress.

As India’s economy continues to grow, experts have said its energy needs will grow manifold in the coming years, putting a huge burden on fossil fuels and affecting the ecology.

The enactment of a law by the US to allow civil nuclear trade with India despite its strategic programme is expected to be cited to back New Delhi’s case.

New Zealand too has reservations about supporting India in this area as it has not signed the NPT.

Several countries, including the US, Britain, France and Russia, have declared their support for India’s case. They have sought an end to India’s nuclear isolation despite it not signing the NPT, with an emphasis that the exception be made only for it.

South Africa, Brazil and some other nations have shed their reservations after being convinced about India’s peaceful ambitions.


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1 thought on “India Seeks A/NZ Support for Nuclear Power

  1. There really is no need for new nuclear power stations in India because there is a simple mature technology available that can deliver huge amounts of clean energy without any of the headaches of nuclear power.

    I refer to ‘concentrating solar power’ (CSP), the technique of concentrating sunlight using mirrors to create heat, and then using the heat to raise steam and drive turbines and generators, just like a conventional power station. It is possible to store solar heat in melted salts so that electricity generation may continue through the night or on cloudy days. This technology has been generating electricity successfully in California since 1985 and half a million Californians currently get their electricity from this source. CSP plants are now being planned or built in many parts of the world.

    CSP works best in hot deserts and with transmission losses at only about 3% per 1000 km, it is entirely feasible and economic to transmit solar electricity throughout India from the Thar Desert (or even hot deserts in the Middle East) using highly-efficient ‘HVDC’ transmission lines.

    In the ‘TRANS-CSP’ report commissioned by the German government, it is estimated that CSP electricity, imported from North Africa and the Middle East, could become one of the cheapest sources of electricity in Europe, including the cost of transmission. A large-scale HVDC transmission grid has also been proposed by Airtricity as a means of optimising the use of wind power throughout Europe.

    Further information about CSP may be found at and . Copies of the TRANS-CSP report may be downloaded from . The many problems associated with nuclear power are summarised at .

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