FBI Destroyed a File on Barack Obama’s Grandfather

From Cliff Kincaid at America’s Survival;

The FBI destroyed a file on Barack Obama‘s grandfather, the man who selected Communist Frank Marshall Davis to be the future president’s mentor during his growing-up years in Hawaii.

“The FBI confirms that a file was maintained on Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham,” states Cliff Kincaid, the journalist who runs the public policy group, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI). “This is a troubling development in the effort to understand the Marxism that drives Obama’s policies as president today.”

In correspondence with Kincaid, available at www.usasurvival.org, the FBI says the file was destroyed in 1997. The FBI made the admission after Kincaid complied with a request to verify the identity of Dunham and the fact that he was deceased.
Dubbed “Gramps” by Obama, Dunham has been depicted in news reports as a patriot who served in the U.S. Army in World War II. But he had a close relationship with Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, who reportedly drank and smoke pot with Dunham.

Davis was not only a communist but a pornographer who wrote a semi-biographical novel about having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He mentored Obama for as many as nine years of his young life in Hawaii.

Dunham, who was white, had picked Davis as a mentor for Obama because he thought the youngster, whose father had abandoned the family, needed a black role model. Davis, who was black, fit the bill. “It was a terrible decision,” Kincaid commented. “He turned over the young Obama to a communist sex pervert for moral guidance.”

While the exact nature of the Dunham file will be a topic for speculation, Kincaid said that is likely that some of the information was related to Dunham’s relationship with Davis. Kincaid’s ASI had previously obtained the 600-page FBI file on Davis and posted it at www.usasurvival.org It shows that Davis was a key high-level operative in a Soviet-sponsored network in Hawaii.

Obama had referred to Davis in his memoir as merely “Frank,” a poet filled with knowledge and advice. The real identity as that of Frank Marshall Davis was disclosed by a writer for a CPUSA publication, who said it would prove to be historically significant, and then publicized by anti-communist New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon. Kincaid confirmed the identity of “Frank” with a source in Hawaii and then obtained and posted the Davis FBI file.

However, most media, anxious to see Obama elected president, preferred to identify Davis as a “civil rights activist” and ignore his communist affiliations.


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13 thoughts on “FBI Destroyed a File on Barack Obama’s Grandfather

  1. Now it makes sense that Barack Hussein Obama has been reported to have had homosexual relationships with various men, some now dead! Davis, being a sex pervert/pornographer probably initiated his new young “student” into the trade. All of President Obama’s records must be opened for the public to view. Let the sunlight shine in – We the People have a God-given right to know!

  2. Trevor: In your opinion, do the FBI letters Kincaid posted actually constitute evidence that the FBI destroyed any file on Obama's grandfather? Your cohort, Cliff Kincaid, claims they do.

    This is similar to AIM's misrepresentation of Edward Berman's Congressional testimony regarding the 1949 Honolulu NAACP incident. Perhaps trumping-up evidence is more difficult than it seems, especially when researchers actually examine primary source evidence that belies their fraudulent claims.

    As a fair-minded thinker, you may be interested in this cordial exchange between myself and Max Friedman, Cliff Kincaid's researcher: http://pajamasmedia.com/phyllischesler/2009/05/31/judge-sonia-sotomayor-and-singing-sensation-susan-boyle/#comment-13017. Only the last few comments pertain to this situation. Please note that Max agreed to follow through with Cliff Kincaid regarding the specific misrepresentation I had identified in June 2009. Not a peep was heard from him since then.

  3. If you actually READ the FBI statement responding to Kincaid’s request for Stanley Dunham’s FBI records, it should be immediately apparent that the FBI did NOT admit that it destroyed any file on Obama’s grandfather. This 26 March 2010 FBI letter reads, in part:

    “Records which may be responsive to your Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts (FOIPA) request were destroyed on May 01, 1997. Since the material could not be reviewed, it is not known if it was responsive to your request.”

    Please note that the FBI only advised that “records which MAY be responsive” were destroyed in 1997, but it is NOT KNOWN if they actually apply. From this kernel of truth, Kincaid has once again fabricated evidence against Obama. The FBI letter did not “admit” that it had destroyed his grandfather’s file, nor did it even confirm that it ever had an FBI file on his grandfather. The FBI did NOT know if the 1997 destruction even contained a file on Dunham.

    Nevertheless, Cliff Kincaid misrepresented the FBI’s vague response as an ADMISSION that it had destroyed his grandfather’s FBI file. This is the essence of trumped-up evidence: blatant misrepresentation of evidence (the “big lie”). Other disinformation campaigns may depend on viral rumors that are amplified with each embellishment, or carefully designed false implications.

    "Truth is generally the best vindication against slander." – Abraham Lincoln

    1. Hello Trevor Loudon,

      I am extremely curious to know if “Mr. Pain” ever replied to your query – the same one that arose for me when I just read his remarks today. I would much appreciate it if you could share any further work you have done about Stanley Armour Dunham. My own hunch is that he was more likely a CIA asset, and that Hoover’s FBI kept tabs on him, or even that he did very basic intelligence work for both the agencies.

      Then again, he might have just been the wise-cracking, scotch-swilling, pool-playing lout that his “grandson” makes him out to be!

      Best wishes,
      Dr. Kevin Dann
      Brooklyn, NY

  4. I met all these people in Hawaii.
    The mother father had just came back from Africa with the man child Obama. I also know Obamas grandfather was barred from entering US Navy base Peal Harbor.
    We also used the name Stanley the Q
    for Obamas Grandfather.
    Obamas grandfather rented furniture to many married Navy, and sold Base auto in. to many of us.
    I remember Obamas grandfather,Frank Marshal his mother and father as being very radical marxist.

  5. What we need to do is rally behind another candidate so this obama character never gets to be president of the USA.

  6. A couple of questions need to be asked.
    Who ordered the destruction of the file?
    Is it normal for such files to be destroyed?
    I think not.
    The next question that needs to be asked, is why in 1997.
    That is exactly as Obama's political career got started. Was him "groomed" for being a president from that moment-1997?
    Who is behind this man?

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