Retarded DEMOCRAT Thug Prowls D.C. Streets

Seemingly retarded Rep. Bob Etheridge (DEMOCRAT, N.C.) assaults a student on the streets of Washington D.C.

Did you get that? He’s a DEMOCRAT.


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7 thoughts on “Retarded DEMOCRAT Thug Prowls D.C. Streets

  1. OMG. What does this have to do with political party? This is a case of abuse and should be reported to the police. This guy is a menace and should be put away before he really hurts someone.

  2. We do not have a Democratic party in America – they are Progressives. Chicago thugs trying to make America into socialist country – puppets of George Soros. BO is #1 puppet can't think without a teleprompter or his blackberry telling him what to do or say next. Never hire a community organizer to lead your country or surly he will lead over a cliff. BO and George Soros have one thing in common they hate America.

  3. He is more mercenary than retarded. This is the typical Islamo-Socialist in America!
    We ought to expell from public service all of them. They are a menace for our Representative Republic!

  4. I'd like to see him do the "Perp" walk after being arrested for assault and battery. Oh and he is a Democrat. No surprise there.

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