Trevor Loudon to Speak in Gresham, Oregon

Trevor Loudon will be speaking to the Gresham Tea Party at the Mojave Grill on 77NE 4th Street, Gresham Oregon, Friday, May 29th, at 6:30 pm.


All welcome. See you there!!


Author: Trevor

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1 thought on “Trevor Loudon to Speak in Gresham, Oregon

  1. Celebrating the ever increasing GOP field

    & Why the Castros and Clintons never seem to fade away

    By Shlomo Pollak

    Ever wonder about the Cuban people? How it is that two brothers have been voted into office for 54 years straight?! How the citizens tolerate such economic stagnation? What in their culture makes them accept status quo? Where is the natural ambition and desire to grow and innovate most of humanity seems to have?! Doesn’t anyone on the island want to once smell the new car smell?!…..

    Observing the same nationality a mere 90 miles away, it is abundantly clear, malaise does not come to Cubans naturally. From practically owning state and local governments in Florida, strong over-representation around the country, and all the way to Washington DC, Cubans are tearing it up!

    Strong Cuban showing in the culture and business is remarkable, but in politics one notices the distance between their “mainland” and America immediately. TWO Cuban Senators are leading contenders to be the GOP nominee for president in one cycle!! Cubans are only .63% of the American population!! Non-hispanic whites (62.6%), would have to run 78 candidates for president, to catch up to their Cuban counterparts.

    Yet at home in Cuba, it’s same old same old all the time?!

    The difference is not geography or climate either; merely a mote separates Florida from Cuba!

    The answer of course is freedom.

    In Politics as in business, a free society breeds many choices. Its leaders are accomplished and successful people, and can communicate effectively and honestly.

    From the Socialist model you can always expect the reverse. You will find corruption, and an ineffective bureaucratic mess; whereby the masses are provided, one candidate, often with much misinformation and deceit.

    Given the opportunity to grow, all humans are inherently born with a natural ambition, and begin to dream big. As long as no entity stands in the way, man will grow and prosper, innovate and build. Cubans in America enjoy its freedoms, and happen to be even more ambitious than others.

    On the island on the other hand, those same ambitious Cubans are unfortunately shackled by a top down communist state. With the doors of opportunity locked shut, the population resigns to a life devoid of hope and dreams, and drags itself struggling for basic needs as food and transportation. Before long, stagnation is expected. Nations then continue voting in the same familiar names, with the full expectation of the exact same results.

    In Cuba the familiar name is Castro, in America it’s Clinton.

    The disparity between the top down-government-controlled-approach, and the self-determination-free enterprise-bottom up outlook, plays itself out in American Politics as well. At last count, there were about a thousand freedom loving GOP candidates, versus one government-does-it-best Hillary.

    On the right, you can expect a large variety of highly accomplished candidates, sure enough, we have many contenders and all are very accomplished. You would also want an effective communicator, they all are. You can be sure nobody on the right would consider voting for a candidate with a smidgen of corruption, the whole field is squeaky clean.

    On the other team you have the complete opposite. One candidate, no accomplishments, lousy communicator, and up to her eyeballs in corruption and scandal!!

    Hillary rode on her husband’s coattails to the Senate, and Secretary of state. She has not accomplished anything positive before, during or since.

    Understanding that their biggest liability is the candidate herself, Team Hillary are constantly putting her into hibernation and hiding her from the media. Once in a while she ventures out into a staged setting, with a scripted message, always leaving behind a couple of precious gaffes. Even in the friendliest of audiences, communication is not her strongest “suit”.

    While the Democrats are running with Hillary, in the same fashion that the commies in Cuba stick with Castro, Hillary is no Fidel Castro. Both grew up well to do, trained as attorneys, and spend most of their time trying to convince the poor that they are looking out for them. There are, however, stark differences between the two. Castro was setting up soviet nuclear weapons, close to American shores. Hillary just sold the nuclear material to the Russians. Castro had a firing squad; Hillary just did nothing when our people were facing Islamic gun fire. Most notably, Castro set up national health care and ruled a country; try as she might, Hillary couldn’t get any of that done.

    Is it worrisome, that in the crowded GOP field, the best candidate will not win the horse race? Certainly.

    Is it possible that the country will get distracted from Ted Cruz (my favorite Cuban)? Of course.

    This is, however,  a concern we should be thrilled to have! Freedom is working, conservatism is thriving, and we have two dozen people that any objective observer can see, are better than anything the other side will have for decades.

    When the struggle and uncertainty of this long and wide primary is getting to you, imagine being a Democrat. Imagine dreading waking up every morning, knowing you will be called on at the water cooler, to defend Hillary yet again from yet another scandal. Think about the frustration and disillusionment you would feel, when all you got is an even older and even less coherent Hillary. Imagine the despair and emptiness going into an election fight, that even if your team wins, you lose; with the best case scenario being the same washed out failed policies for 4 more years….

    My fellow conservatives, Republicans, and freedom loving Americans, yes we have embarked on a long and difficult journey….

    Many pitfalls, shenanigans, and problems lie ahead, but….

    Our large field is a strength.

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