"Either Capitalism Dies, or Mother Earth Dies"

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The “Climate Change” scam is dead in the West, so the left must use the mass power of the Third World and the United Nations to force through their socialist agenda.

The friendly socialists at Democracy Now! have obligingly filmed the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, currently underway in Bolivia.

This video proves beyond all doubt that the “Climate change” agenda is an anti capitalist agenda.

Main speaker, Bolivia’s Marxist President Evo Morales Ayma, condemns the capitalist system in the opening session: “We have two paths. Either capitalism dies, or Mother Earth dies… We are here, brothers and sisters, for the rights of Mother Earth.

It goes downhill from there.


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4 thoughts on “"Either Capitalism Dies, or Mother Earth Dies"

  1. On the streets of the dictatorships and socialistic nations, the little people are capitalists. They sell food, socks, drinks, wash cloths, sunglasses, watches, anything they can to eke out a living. Capitalism is at work in all those nations, the idiots at the top just don’t realize it. Socialists will never overcome the people who are smarter than those in charge. Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried.

  2. The bobos are free to remove themselves from the world any time they wish.

    But like all lefticles they don't actually want to do anything themselves. Instead, it is you they wish act on their behalf.

    I will not be doing so.

  3. Interesting that it's held in a Marxist dictator's country, 'we are the world, the progressives, the democrats'in America. Rather than standing up for 'freedom', we're laying down for more terrany in the world. Of course that would make me a terrorist and the dictator a saint?

  4. here's a suggestion: send all the statist loonie-greenie-earthy types to go live in a far away land which has a) no running water or indoor plumbing b) no electricity c) no medicine d) no technological advancements from the western-capitalist world of any kind…! (fun!)

    Those who go cannot bring any 'worldly' aka 'capitalistic' posessions… perhaps a knife for hunting, making a shelter – oh, and a few seeds to plant… that's it, have a great time!

    see how many survive a week, a month, a year…

    what, they might die?

    well, population control is a bitch, ain't it
    andy has great suggestions on how to celebrate earth day here:


    me, I will be saying a prayer for technology, electricity, running water and computers! I praise man's achievements on the globe instead… go mankind! go people!

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