CommieBlaster on Obamunism

CommieBlaster has put together this great little montage on Obamunism.


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3 thoughts on “CommieBlaster on Obamunism

  1. Thanks Trevor for posting a great video from our friends at Commie Blaster, it pretty much says it all. Obama (IMO) hates the Untited States of America. Whether BHO was born in Hawaii or Kenya doesn't matter either way he is not an American.

  2. Exellent job, Trevor. Your site is a tremendous resource and shows a lot of effort – and a deep appreciation of liberty – on your part. I heard about your site on Glenn Beck's program, and he was right (again). Keep up the great work. I'm going to add your site to my own pathetic little blog: Mine is not nearly so sophisticated as yours, but hey; we each do what we can with what we have. God bless.

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