Rodney Hide Canes MMP

ACT leader Rodney Hide may not have dumped the Nats yet, but he’s come out strongly against MMP and for a return to First Past the Post.

Rodney correctly identifies that the MMP form of proportional representation hands too much power to political parties and reduces the power of voters.

Even though the end of MMP would certainly mean the end of the ACT Party, Rodney puts principle over his immediate self interest.


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3 thoughts on “Rodney Hide Canes MMP

  1. You gotta be kidding Trevor- self-interest is this deflated balloon's middle name. Pyramid scheme anybody?

  2. If Rodney really opposes MMP he should tell Heather Roy, Jobn Boscowan, Roger Douglas and David Garrett to leave Parliament immediately and ACT should become a one man band.

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