Communist Boss Tells Comrades to Stick With Democrats

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Communist Party USA infiltration of the Democratic Party has waxed and waned over the years, but now seems to be reaching for a new high.

A big part of Communist Party National Secretary Sam Webb‘s job consists working to unite a fractious left behind and within the Democrat Party.

Webb calls this the “people’s movement” – in effect all radical forces under the leadership or influence of the Communist Party and its allies in labor, the churches, “community organizations and the peace movement.

Webb understands that the Democrats are the best vehicle to push the Communist agenda at this point.

Writing in the Peoples World Sam Webb explains;

Only a particular kind of movement possessing a particular kind of strategic vision has the capacity to challenge the array of forces on the other side of the class struggle at this juncture.

At its core are the multi-racial working class (and its organized sector), the racially and nationally oppressed people, women, and youth. But gathered in and around it are many other social movements, including undocumented immigrants, and political forces, including the Obama administration and sections of the Democratic Party.

Yes, sections of the Democratic Party! Until a large section of the mass constituency of the Democratic Party, as a result of its own experience primarily, is ready to build a new party with a pronounced anti-corporate vision, the broader people’s movement will have a tactical relationship to the Democrats, if it has any political sense. Slogans like “Break with the Democrats” may sound radical and may look good on one’s resume, but at this moment it is a recipe for marginalization.

With Party “friend” Barack Obama in the White House and far left Congressmen such as Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Danny K. Davis and Dennis Kucinich pushing a near identical agenda, the Communists would be foolish to jump the Democrat ship at this point.


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8 thoughts on “Communist Boss Tells Comrades to Stick With Democrats

  1. Trev….warning warning warning !!!

    I'd watch that Loser-Jeans-NZ if I were you. Reckon she's planning the Velvet Revolution on you bro'. She's gonna take over and sell for squillions and cut you right out man !

    How do I know ?….Well, she's so bloody convincing lately. Read her two above. Much better than you at the moment bro'….sorry. Her blurbs are brilliant !

    I mean, she so good I'm thinkin' of gettin' a Green Card (from those Acorn dicks)….jettin' on over there….gettin' a facelift, hair implant (silver)….gettin' coiffed….well you must know what I's gonna' do next Trev….you ambitious little mongrel Trevo !….Ya right bro' !

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    Oh God….Loser-Jeans-NZ….she'd love me then.

    Hey Trev….could you just push rewind….and pass the smelling salts.

    Ka kite whanau….

  2. Awesome job as usual, Trevor. Keep up the great work. I'm passing your site far and wide in hopes of dispelling the fog of ignorance surrounding me.

  3. To counter the communists speechifying, I offer Congressman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) excellent recent speech in Oklahoma.


    "The Constitution and the consent of the people are all that stand between limited and unlimited government power. Zealous ideologues with the best of intentions brush aside the limits on power in order to get whatever they believe is good for the people … no matter what the people believe. Our system of freedom can survive an assault, but it won't survive if the people are frightened, or angry, or asleep at the switch. A great Democrat, President Andrew Jackson, once said: "eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty." We can thank our current leaders at least for this: they have awakened the nation to the danger of taking self-government for granted.

    Congress is not only enacting a social welfare state agenda over the objections of the people. It is failing to address the problems that threaten to engulf our country, principally economic decline and entitlement-driven debt crisis. The coming election will be a referendum on the agenda of our current leadership. Either it will give them a mandate that says "more of the same," or it will end the abuse of power and put America back on the path of growth and freedom.

    Supposing the American people use their referendum in November to elect a new majority, what would the next Congress do?

    The first order of business will be "repeal and replace." We will work to repeal federalized Health Care and replace it with a robust, competitive open market in health care that puts patients and their doctors at the center – not employers, not insurers, and not government agents. This takes at least two elections, and we must show our perseverance.

    A new Congress will then turn to the great problem of our stagnant economy and the debt tsunami bearing down on us. The days of pretending not to notice are over. The next Congress will understand this threat and act after transparent deliberation and real debate. "

    I recommend reading the full text here. Its a great read:

    Watch out for Congressman Ryan: He is one of America's brightest and upcoming leaders…

  4. When you read Sam Webb's entire article it reads like an Obama speech. A lot of commie speak platitudes with references to struggle this and struggle that, and racist, homophobic Right Wing Extremeits etc., but in the end no substance whatsoever, just a call for expanding communism and government via the Democratic Party which to a large degree they already control.

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