Obama Moves to Strengthen Labor Unions – Communists Approve

The best way to keep abreast of the Obama Administration’s latest moves is to read the Communist Party USA newszine Peoples World.

Peoples World labor editor John Wojcik has kindly informed us of new Administration moves to strengthen labor unions.

Private employers will be required to post large signs informing workers about their right to form unions under a new rule the Obama administration plans to institute by executive order.

The plan received less than the amount of publicity that might have been expected because it was announced the week before Christmas when the main focus of the news was on the legislative battles in Congress.

The National Labor Relations Board plans to issue a rule requiring almost all employers to post notices in employee break rooms or other prominent spots that explain workers’ rights to bargain collectively, distribute union literature or engage in other union activity without reprisal.

In the past the NLRB usually made policy on a case-by-case basis during labor-management disputes.

The decision to issue the new order steps up even further the more aggressively pro-labor role the board has played during the Obama administration.

The president first signaled his determination to strengthen the board’s role in protecting organizing rights when he made several recess appointments to give the NLRB its first Democratic majority in ten years.

The recess appointments were made because because the presiden’t candidates were held up for months over GOP claims that a former AFL-CIO lawyer, Craig Becker, would be too pro-union.

The administration’s new rule is opposed by big business which sees it as an attempt to achieve, by executive order, some of what labor and its allies have not been able to achieve on the legislative front. Republican filibusters have blocked passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier to form unions. The EFCA would allow workers to form a union as soon as a majority sign cards expressing their desire to be in a union.

Others who oppose the rule see it as a step in the direction of reversing a long-term decline in union membership. Only 7.2 percent of the natioon’s work force is now unionized. Anti-union forces fear that widespread knowledge of union organizing rights will begin to reverse that trend.

The rule will not take effect until late February. From now until then, the NLRB is taking comments.

I am reminded of a famous quote from V.I. Lenin’s Role and Functions of the Trade Unions

Just as the very best factory, with the very best motors and first-class machines, will be forced to remain idle if the transmission belts from the motors to the machines are damaged, so our work of socialist construction must meet with inevitable disaster if the trade unions—the transmission belts from the Communist Party to the masses—are badly fitted or function badly.

Strengthening unions  strengthens socialism. The good Leninists of the Communist Party USA and their friends in the Obama Administration are no doubt acutely aware of this.


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2 thoughts on “Obama Moves to Strengthen Labor Unions – Communists Approve

  1. The only organization ever to be successfull in this country may be, the BFU, burger fryers union, or the CMSU, China Made Stuf union. We are never going to see the return of assembly line jobs in this country. If the unions are involved, that is the icing on the cake to keep it that way forever. The only way to bring jobs back, is ship unions overseas.

  2. private sector unions are bad enough but the public service unions are just terrible and should be unlawful! (especially the teachers) example the New York streets are full of snow because of (partly+) the public service union promoting a "slowdown" of the sanitation workers union facing some cutbacks due to revenue loss by the city.

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