Senate Health Bill Passes 219-212

Freedom everywhere is diminished this day.


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4 thoughts on “Senate Health Bill Passes 219-212

  1. This is the equivalent to "The shot heard around the world." The younger generation has no idea what took place tonight. And never will comprehend it!

  2. Is this the one where they would normally need 60 or 70% votes to pass but changed the rules to a simple majority?

  3. "Insurance" is anti-American because:
    "Policies of insurance" are "maritime contracts" subjecting participants in it to the "admiralty jurisdiction" of the federal government.
    Admiralty jurisdiction is an "international law" military authority that does not recognize and protect rights; it enforces law (compels performance).
    This is the same anti-American "alien jurisdiction" the Declaration of Independance refers to that the American Revolution overcame and expelled from the land (it's back again).
    When one contracts himself into "insurance", he declares himself "incompetant" and in need of "guardianship", becoming an article of "property" and a "ward" of the state.
    The "Parens Patria" transfers from him as a "free" person to the surety who assumes a "parential" (power of attorney) authority over him.
    The "minor child" needs "permission" now from the "parent" authority to do anything. The "free" person does not need "permission" from his "servant".

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