Climate Change Scam Opens Door to Socialism

With socialists inside the the Climate Change summit and more socialists without, where is the voice for capitalism and freedom?

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8 thoughts on “Climate Change Scam Opens Door to Socialism

  1. capitalists becoming climate sceptics hands the upper hand of the debate over to socialists, that can take the position vacated by capitalists.

    part of the issue if that some capitalists want to pollute as much as they feel the desire to.. leaving giant social and health (as well as environmental) problems. As these problems increase.. environmental debates take center stage.. hence one reason there was so much attention on the pacific island delagates in Copenhagen.


    also you will likely see the debate move away from science and more into politics and economics soon i suspect.. more debate will go into policy.. like the stupid ETS etc.

  2. Facts? Unfortunately, Ecobloke and AGW followers have it backwards: man emitting C02-warming theories do not hold up when you look at all the scientific facts.

    The so-called environmental movement is nothing more than a front for the leftist, socialist agenda: this has never been about science.

    Check out this visual:

    & for discussion about 'facts':

  3. juxtapose the cophenhagen mentality against Bill Whittles moral and ethical defense of free enterprise against unrestrained statism.

    He opens with a slide which clearly demonstrates that previous government administrations had staffed their cabinet with at least 50%+ possessing prior private sector experience…except for Kennedy 35%, Carter with only 30% and Obama with only 7% of his cabinet possessing any experience in the private sector . "That means that 93% of the people that advise this president have NEVER held a job, never filed for employee benefits, they've never had to pick an insurance company, they have never had to lay people off at the holidays, they've never had to make payroll. They've never had to be the first person in, the last person out. They've never had to do ANY of this. THEY DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS."

    Bill Whittle nails it. Go watch the video . . .you won't be disappointed.

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