Congressman King Slams Healthcare Bill

WASHINGTON , D.C. — Congressman Steve King (R-IA) tonight made the following statement following the passage of the health care bill.

“The majority of Americans, including the tens of thousands of patriots who poured into Washington, DC this weekend, will not stand by while Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi tear the Constitution to shreds. This bill forces Americans to pay for other people’s abortions, puts the government in charge of 18 percent of our private sector economy, provides health care benefits to illegal immigrants, cuts half a trillion dollars from Medicare and diminishes our liberty.

“Americans across the country are outraged that liberals have made an unconstitutional bill full of special interest bribes the law of the land. Democrats will pay a price for their overreach. This fight is far from over. Now the work begins to repeal this monstrosity and restore the principles of freedom that made America a great nation.”

Damn’ right Congressman King..


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4 thoughts on “Congressman King Slams Healthcare Bill

  1. I applaud the Congressman because he is truly a hero and there are many people who feel as he does. I have already begun by writing my senators who both supported the bill that there political careers are over and the "Second Revolution" has begun. "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" started the 1st revolution and now its started the second one. Now is the time to picket every congressman and senator who supports Obama and Obamacare. Now is the time to find and support candidates to run against these people. Now is the time to punish the media – turn off the television and refuse to buy newspapers from the Obama run media. Start making your voice heard at the local level since this we will use the Alinsky rules to take back our liberties. Everyone needs to do what they can because it is not just the US, but the world that is threatened.

  2. When the Mao-Tse-Bama is exposed as Constitutionally inelligable for his office, everything he has done will be rendered invalid as a matter of law. We should be concentrating on enforcing the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. Otherwise, nothing matters.

  3. Let me be the first to congratulate y'all……America today became less……less less less less less……Ugly !

    Who did it ?

    That black in the White House……that's who.

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