Help Wanted, "Attar Attack" Experiment

A wee experiment, maybe you could help me with.

I’ve helped write a Wiki page on Auckland University Islamic studies lecturer, Mohsen al Attar.

The article profiles al Attar’s Marxism and admiration for the Cuban “single party” state.

It also examines his views on education as a “political intervention”, his Marxist interpretation of Islam , his vision for New Zealand and his biased and distorted views of Israel.

Currently the page has received about a 170 views and sits at the bottom of page One, if you Google search Mohsen al Attar

Please read the Wiki page HERE

I’m trying to see how many views I’ll need to boost the page up to spot number One on Google.

Please check it out. You’ll learn something about a very dangerous man and help spread awareness at the same time.


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4 thoughts on “Help Wanted, "Attar Attack" Experiment

  1. Thanks all -531 views now.

    Al Attar's keyWiki page Google ranking went way up, way down and is now a little up.

    Links are best way to boost Google rankings, but views alone seem to have some effect.

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