Help Always Appreciated

New Zeal is now one of the most widely cited foreign political websites in the US.

This site exposed Barack Obama’s links to Frank Marshall Davis (nearly three years ago, March 29, 2007) and the radical New Party (70,000 “hits” in three days) and has broken several other widely picked up stories.

The 100 Obama files, below right have been quoted in several books, hundreds of articles, thousands of blog posts, on Fox News and even on the floor of the US Congress.

New Zeal information led to the resignation of Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones.

These hundred files are a personal milestone, but certainly not the end. Nearly every day I turn up more information, for yet more posts.

If you’d like to support the ongoing work of New Zeal, please make a donation through the PayPal button to your right.

I, and those help me, do this this work to keep my country and yours free.

Help to fund research and pay the bills means we can devote more time to doing what we do best.

Thanks to all those who have helped in the past and those who may in the future.

Trevor Loudon


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