Glenn Beck Reviews His Year

Frontpage recently named Glenn Beck its man of 2009-and who could argue.

Here Beck reviews the stories that made him a worldwide name in 2009.


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13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Reviews His Year

  1. Chuckle Chuckle ! …… You mean Beck's not the fearless patriot-warrior he paints himself to be ?

    I guess not with those ludicrous stage tears he treats us to from time-to-time.

  2. The guy from Boston provides a great summary of majority of America feels about her 2nd amendment aka the right to bear arms…

    The US constitution is awesome and worthing fighting for… Beck has a role but is limited to what FOX Saudi's owners allow.

    Steve is just jealous cause he ain't an American…

  3. Happy New Year and Good Disconsolate Mutterings to all the Flat Earthers out there – Loudon, Ugly American Lisa, Seattle Yellow Pages.

    You are our saviours no less !

  4. What I find funny regarding those mainstream organisations are who the contributors are; MSNBC has a lesbian feminist Muslim and writer of one book giving her 'take' on Islam – and how is her opinion remotely valid?

    Then there was Dan Savage on after the whole Brit Hume escapade, who on earth is Dan Savage when he isn't at home?

    The list just keeps going on and on about the no bodies that ABC, CNN and MSNBC keep pulling in that have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

    Hence I find it funny when people call FoxNews bias – I don't like many of the tabloid like programmes but at least their contributors are people worth listening to and have some real world backgrounds.

  5. Beck bases most of this on the ad horem attack on himself as misinformer of the year. When it comes to the mass media, Fox is no different to any other corporation that is presenting a narrative.

    All mainstream media have for a long time been the tool of the politic and corporations to create layers of obfuscation that make it difficult to penetrate whats going on. Glenn Becks show is no different really, he has just made it an artform.

    The debate about who is the biggest misinformer of the year is a bit like listening to a debate between Tip Top and the Kiwi Ice Cream Company on icecream supremacy.

    I personally do not see FoxNews and the various shows on Fox as presenting biassed news for the reason that I do not see FoxNews as a news station but rather they are an activist group that present a narrative which has earned them a level of street cred due to presenting this over time.

    It is because FoxNews is seen as a news organisation by the liberals that they believe that FoxNews is presenting bias and misinformation.

    The bigger problem is that all these agencies including Fox, CNN, ABCNews, MSNBC and the like DO know what is going on, yet all continue under the pretence that they do not know and shape their debates and narratives in such manner.

    They all continue to try to slot events and information into that outdated division of left vs right bichromatic thought, CNN and FoxNews would top that list.

    Then there is the line being promoted that there is a liberal bias in the media which there isn't. The MSM is certainly sensationalist but mostly its just lazy and and has fallen into a symbiotic relationship that they have developed with the power structures of corporations and the politic.

    Glenn Beck is an activist for his conservative position and he presents that narrative in every aspect of his show. It is not from a directive of any sort from his republican boss, Roger Ailes, its just the typical activist way of filtering the world through their hegemonic filters and presenting that as an underscore for their narrative.

    If I were to give an award out to the misinformer of the year, it would be jointly awarded to every news corporation and quasi news corp in the west. They all do it.

  6. Thanks Trevor – I'm definitely heartened by the TEA party movement.

    I also wonder about what isn't being discussed as well as what is being discussed.

    I distrust TV 'media' as most of America does now… Follow the $. FOX has owners, too, who tell them what to say. They are not a 'rightie' only station.

    Re: rioting? Because some people would be upset, do we just chuck out the rules, laws and the constitution?

    Nope, not how America works (although we're on the brink)…

    Sure, some rioting of upset people might occur … areas within cities (L.A. or Chicago south side) come to mind.

    But America is not Europe. In general, people in America are more braver than you'd think.

    Think a country full of Clint Eastwoods. The majority of America is awake… and armed. Even women. Riots? They'd be quelled quickly.

    Look at the crime stats from 2009 after HUGE rise in gun purchases & ammo: CRIME is DOWN in America…! (more people are armed = less crime… love that)

    *sigh* BHO cannot remain 'in power' for the next 3 years. Next up? Universal voter registration – an even WORSE plan that universal health care.

    I believe Beck has been talking about that… I just wish he'd honestly cover ALL true Constitutional issues eg like eligibility.

    People don't like it when they are obviously lied to. Eligibility was the biggest lie which started the evil ball rolling!

    Check it out: )

    and 2)

  7. Here's my theory Lisa. Beck like me, doesn't want to several american cities reduced to chaos and possibly burnt.

    If Obama is removed before his first term is up, I believe there would be massive rioting in every city with a substantial black population.

    The socialists/communists would certainly do their best to fan the flames.

    Obama is not the problem anyway, he is merely a figurehead for the Progressive/socialist movement.

    Removing Obama on a "technicality"-legitimate as it may be, would turn him into martyr and probably strengthen the socialists.

    To me, Obama and the Dems need to be thrashed at the polls by a re-surgent US patriotic movement.

    That is individuals coming together to re-establish their great Republic.

    There are no easy fixes here, but we should all be heartened by Beck and the Tea Party movement.

  8. Beck seems to be doing an OK job pointing out the obvious (in many cases and of course IMO)… I'm mostly a fan esp when corruption is outed… but still wonder a bit about Beck…

    Why? I ask you, Trevor, and readers, why is it that Mr. Beck will not address the BHO not eligibile to be POTUS issue?

    Go back to what is America? A constitutional republic based on laws. The people agree to elect representatives that work for the people: to provide enforcement of laws. The ultimate law is the U.S. constitution. Even military swear to uphold the constitutional laws: their oath is not to any sitting president.

    The way many millions of Americans see it: she is in deep trouble because the ultimate law, the US constitution, is not being followed. BHO is not qualified to be POTUS. Period.

    Isn't that a slight issue worth investigating? Shouldn't 'media' be all over this investigation?

    Shouldn't Beck and his so called team of expert investigators actually investigate?

    Reference 1):

    Reference 2)

  9. Glenn Beck is the Paul Revere of our day. Instead of the call, "The British are coming" Glenn has called attention to the fact that the Marxist are not only coming they are here, are in our government and mean to harm our country. For the Marxist uses the language of freedom, rights and share the wealth to enslave. People should read a bit of the old Soviet Unions “Constitution.” It is replete with “Obama” talk, like “Citizens of the USSR have the right to health protection,” “Citizens of the USSR hat the rights to housing,” and as Glenn has pointed out there are those like FDR, Cass Sunstein, and Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) who believe we need a Second Bill of Rights, which coincidently sounds just like the old Soviet “Constitution.”

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