Another "Urewera 17" Arrestee Named-Urs Signer

I missed this, but on the 28th of February, “Urewera 17” arrestee, the previously “un-named 23 year old Swiss national” Urs Peter Signer finally lost name suppression.

Signer faces six firearms charges, including the illegal possession of a military-style semi-automatic weapon, a shotgun, rifle and a Molotov cocktail.

Signer is the partner of fellow arrestee, Emily Bailey. Like her he has been involved in the Save Happy Valley Coalition.

He has also been involved in Peace Action Wellington and was one of the three main editors of the anarchist news website Indymedia, alongside Asher Goldman and fellow arrestee Omar Hamed.

In 2006 Signer represented Indymedia in Tonga after the major rioting that devasted central Nuku’alofa

He produced ths video of events-not surprisingly sympathetic to Tonga’s leftist “pro-Democracy” movement.

Signer, like all the other Wellington arresteees, is a committed member of the Wellington anarchist movement centred on the 128 Abel Smith Street “community centre“.

Signer regularly uses the pseudonym “smush” or “smush capitalism

A couple of years ago, “smush” penned this piece for the anarchist ‘zine “Dissident Voice” Issue 8.

On 20th July 2001 23-year old Carlo Giuliani was murdered by a cop during the protests against the G8 summit (the Group of Eight (G8) is the coalition of eight of the world’s leading industrialized nations) in Genoa (Italy). Like Carlo, I am part of the movement of movements. The anti-capitalist movement that believes in autonomy and self-determination. A movement that accepts different tactics to create a better world. A movement which fights dams in the Narmada Valley (India), smashes banks in Seattle (USA), protests against prepaid water meters in Soweto (South Africa), attacks fortress Europe in Kundzicze (Poland), forms a human peace sign to show its opposition to the invasion of Iraq in McMurdo Station (Antarctica), sets up a tripod in Te Whanganui-a-Tara to stop the construction of a motorway (Aotearoa) and runs a bakery on the outskirts of Buenos Aires collectively (Argentina).

I came to Anarchism through political activism. Seeing the global leaders coming to town. Living in an alternative village (barrio) for a few days. Experiencing huge meetings where everyone is using hand signals and consensus decision making. Trying to stop the talks of the CEOs and warmongers of this planet. Taking the media-focus back to the streets by attacking the red zone.

And then… Having endless arguments with my parents about veganism and the state. Running up and down the streets of my town armed with a megaphone. Having a go at the lovely Marxists. Talking bullshit on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And…
Well, there’s all the Resistance going on in my life. Resistance to capitalism and the state, resistance to authority. Reading about the autonomous movement of Argentina made me realise that my Resistance is somewhat pointless if I don’t get stuck into making something of my own at the same time. Fighting the system by attacking it and attacking it again by creating something. Making the alternative normal. Like, becoming the media. Eating the silver beet I planted myself. Doing a shift in the local infoshop. Getting involved with a union as a volunteer. Taking the power back.

While globalisation has given us capitalism at its worst, it has also given me the chance to realise that our movement is global. And maybe that’s the special thing about being an anarchist today — to know that there are people out there, all over the world, involved in the struggle for a world of peace with justice and self-determination. A movement of movements.

Well, the future is bright. The revolution can come by about any minute and surely it will.

Carlo Vive!

Signer does have a softer side. He is also a clarinet player for a well known Wellington klezmer (a style of Jewish folk music) band.

Many of those arrested have an artistic aspect, whether dancers, musicians or film-makers. Hopefully that side will one day overcome their destructive political philosphy.


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6 thoughts on “Another "Urewera 17" Arrestee Named-Urs Signer

  1. I think Urs’s ideology is beautifully constructive Trevor, it’s a shame to see that you are still writing such a load of narrow minded trash about people you have never met…..I’d also note that you’ve taken my previous comments off your blog; couldn’t stand the heat huh?

  2. … and i was expecting a 6-part expose on this ‘smush’ dude. What a disgrace for the anarchist-tuhoe-zapatista-communist conspiracy

  3. jeez trevor, lots of mistakes in this one, you really have no idea who smush associates with, you are just making stuff up.
    Mr G

  4. Who gives a stuff if Urs is musical? Stalin liked flowers, Hitler was kind to animals.

    This guy should be put on a plane out of the country.

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