2 thoughts on “Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story

  1. I just finished watching this amazing film, let me say that again: AMAZING FILM, now here in America we show our children THE HISTORY OF STUFF! When we will learn that Fabian Socialist, Socialists in general are the greediest of all humans. All the world is a stage and the greatest actors are the Progressives, listen up people if you haven't watched this what are you waiting for! The watchmen such as Trevor a yelling at the top of their lungs telling you "They are Coming!" Thank you New Zeal you never cease to amaze me with your blog site. THANK YOU! 2SEEKTHETRUTH

  2. This is the consequence of usury. Once into a usury debt there is no way out of it except repudiation. A usury debt cannot be paid.

    When the issue of money has been vested in a private bank, it simply writes rubber checks on an account that doesn't exist, then loans them to government which stamps them legal tender and taxes the people to generate the "rent" for our use of them.

    The only way money can be issued into circulation is in the form of a loan. When such a usury loan is made, only the "principle" is created. When this borrowed money is repaid to the bank in its entirety, the usury debt is still outstanding. It must be paid out of pre-existing money or the loan re-financed – forever.

    When payments are made out of circulating currency in repayments on the loan, a recession or depression is created. To maintain the status quo, the exact same amount paid out must be immediately re-borrowed back into circualtion at even more usury debt – forever.

    The solution is for the public
    Treasury to issue debt free public money. No usury is required and the economy is stabilized.

    This is "socialism" in its pedigree.

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