Mr Loudon Goes To Washington

On Friday October 23, Accuracy in Media holds its 40th Anniversary conference in Washington DC- 9am to 5pm at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Hampton Ballroom.

Speakers include;

Rep. Lamar Smith (R Texas), Chairman media Fairness Caucus.

Andrew C McCcarthy Author, Senior fellow, National Review Institute

Don Irvine Chairman, Accuracy in Media

Anita MonCrief ACORN/Project Vote “whistleblower”

Marc Morano Founder, Climate Depot

John Fund Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Trevor Loudon Blogger, New Zealand

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

Robert Bluey, Director of Online Strategy, Heritage Foundation

Anne McElhinney, Director and Producer of “Not Evil Just Wrong”

Registration informaton here

I hope some of my readers can make it.

It’ll be a great day among freedom loving people.


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14 thoughts on “Mr Loudon Goes To Washington

  1. Sam Sam Sam, accuracy in the media is not 'accuracy' in the media. It means 'accurate to the conservative view or the highway'.

  2. Thanks everybody.

    Look forward to meeting you too Anita.

    I was very pleased to see your name on the program.

    Many things to talk about I'm sure.

  3. Accuracy in the Media, eh? Have fun, Trev.

    Perhaps you could take the opportunity to explain why you repeatedly accused somebody of wearing a Tamil Tiger T-shirt, before admitting you dodn't know whether it was or not and maybe you'll get around to explaining why you repeatedly claimed the Save Happy Valley occupation was illegal, which it wasn't, something I've asked you about a couple of times and you don't seem to have an answer.


    Sam Buchanan

  4. A lone NZ blogger beats the wildly overpaid MSM at their game. I'm glad you are being recognized for your excellent and timely investigative work. Next is a book contract and an appearance on Glenn Beck.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Hey, say gidday to Anne McElhinney. You'll be able to tell her how her film went down.

    I'm sending the DVD with Andy for you two to pass on to the Libz. Then we'll screen that copy in Chch on Sunday. Details to follow.

    Anne McElhinney, Director and Producer of "Not Evil Just Wrong"

  6. Enjoy your time in the USA! Do remember that DC represents the worst in us. The normal people don't live there.

    Looking forward to your report. Don't waste time sleeping….talk to as many people as you can. God bless.


  7. Yay, Trevor! I'm sure it will be an interesting conference…looks like a great lineup of speakers. I'll look forward to your report.

    Thanks for all you do.

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