Prebble’s New Book

Former ACT leader, Richard Prebble’s new book is out

Out of the Red is a sequel to “I’ve Been Thinking”. Below are some extracts from the book:

“That spring morning I walked into the prime minister’s office still fairly green. I walked out the biggest businessman in New Zealand’s history – as chief executive of twenty billion dollars of business”

“There it was. The nation’s silver. A terrible liability. Every one of those businesses losing money hand over fist. Millions of dollars a day – tens of millions on a bad day. I needed to know what makes an organisation succeed. I needed to know fast.”

“David often left cabinet, caucus and other meetings. He had a low boredom threshold, and found conflict distressing. He also used to slip out for a fag. So when he slipped out we were not at first concerned. It was Michael Bassett who noticed the Prime Minister wasn’t there. We tried to workout his last contribution and calculated he had been gone for more than forty minutes. We realised David Lange was not coming back.”


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