6 thoughts on “Bernardine Dohrn Exposes the "Real Terrorists"

  1. This from the woman who really thought Charles Manson and his murderous followers were really amazing.

    She's the one who has actively engaged in terrorist activity. She's the one who has played with violence.

    Unbelievable that this woman is in a position to be influencing our youth.

    Egad! Heaven help us. She's either purposely lying or she's hallucinating (possibly from her days dropping acid).

    As for us being racists, we are the same group who are enthusiastically supporting Congressmen like Allan West (Hooray!). I'd vote for Justice Clarence Thomas, too. And I think Star Parker is terrific.

    Just more Alinsky tactics.

  2. Am I mistaken or didn't she use violence in the 60's? She doesn't even know what she is talking about when she makes the comment about "armed people in Washington, D.C. I know because I was there!!!!

  3. The only credit I give this woman, is she at least had the testicular fortitude to pull the trigger and light the fuse, that her husband didn't have himself, he went and got other people to do the dirty work. Also, why do all these "red diaper, doper babies", look and sound the same? They only want to sucker-punch people, but don't handle it very well when someone looks them in the eye, and pops them one in the jib. Revolution against the people in power now (them) is very,frightful, racist, and insane. Whilst the left has done nothing but use minorities to grab and keep their power, enrich themselves materially (liberals are the worst abusers of mass consumption in history) and then kicking said minorities curbside, giving them little or nothing in return, and in many instances making their situations worse. As long as we have a complicit media, and these bolsheviks teaching our young, people like the weatherman will have a sympathetic ear, and jobs w/influence and the power to spread their virulence.

  4. She's thinking about the guns and explosives she saw in her basement this morning.Hope she moves them before the cop killing indictment comes.Unless it's on Eric Holders watch of course.

  5. How did this woman ever "make it" as a terrorist? There was never an "armed" rally in DC. You can't even have a hunting rifle in the back of your camper and stop in DC to look at the Reflecting Pond without getting arrested…DC is a no-guns-period zone….

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