Obama Met Top Communist Leader In Moscow

Why would Obama bother to meet with the leader of Russia’s Communist Party?

From Cuba’s Granma

MOSCOW, July 8.— Former Russian presidential candidate Guennadi Ziuganov has demanded an end to the US blockade on Cuba at a meeting with American President, Barack Obama, advisors of this political leader announced today.

“If the new administration is really for change, you should turn this embarrassing page of the history of the United States, which has been open for over half a century,” said the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation at the meeting.

Sources close to the president of the second most voted for political party in Russia, told Prensa Latina news agency that Ziuganov also asked for the release of the five antiterrorist fighters who are currently serving sentences in US prisons for trying to avert violent actions against Cuba.

Ziuganov, who is also the head of the Communist Bloc the Duma (the Parliament’s Lower Chamber) urged Obama to suspend NATO expansion and give up the unnecessary antimissile defense shield in Eastern Europe, the sources added.

The official organ of the Russian government, the Rossiskaya Gazeta, and the Interfax news agency reported Ziuganov’s statements advocating the end of the US blockade on Cuba on Wednesday. (PL)


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8 thoughts on “Obama Met Top Communist Leader In Moscow

  1. I suspect that President Obama met with a commie in Moscow just to piss you off Trevor.

    Seems he's succeeded boyo…..perhaps you could grow up a little.

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  3. What sort of man would flout the legitimate leaders of Russia, by visiting their Communist rivals?

    A fellow Marxist.

  4. Maybe the same reason right-wingers queue up to meet the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party?
    Sam Buchanan

  5. Why is it okay that Lefties feel it's none too major concern that Obama met with a Russian Federation Communist leader whom views the United States to be literally contributing to global terrorism?

    Oh, speaking of Ziuganov being the "opposition" leader. Russian media has mentioned it quite a number of times that he regularly meets with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, even the Kremlin has contacts within his own Communist party.

    Opposition? Sounds more like controlled opposition to me.

  6. by "largest", I meant amongst opposition parties not within parliament (or Russia as a country) in general

  7. WOW, you have a gift for blowing things totally out of context. perhaps, President Obama met Mr. Ziuganov because he is the leader of the largest and only opposition party in the Russian parliament

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