ACT’s 10th Anniversary

ACT celebrated ten years in Parliament last night with a dinner at Romford’s Tamaki Yacht Club, Auckland.

From Rodney Hide’s speech, “A Bold New Start

Tonight we celebrate ten years of the liberal flame burning in New Zealand’s Parliament.

Commentators said we weren’t going to make it in 1996, and once we got to Parliament, they said we couldn’t last.

Every election we were written off. Last year, almost every journalist in the country delivered our obituary.

But ACT is still here – and we will never give up….

Of course, we want more than to just survive.

We have never fought for bums on seats.

We didn’t enter politics because we sought power.

ACT does not fight to defend privilege, or to take what belongs to others.

We are here because ACT believes in the simple right to live our lives as we see fit.

We’re fighting for our country’s future.

Go here for the full text.


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