8 thoughts on “30,000 Scientists Want to Sue Al Gore For Fraud

  1. There is no global warming caused by humans! I asked my friends, "Do you believe in global warming?" They said, 'yeah'. Here is where there blank stares came in, "There is a gigantic ball of fire hanging around out there in space. Well, it's getting hotter and heating up Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune and Earth. Here's the funny thing, they don't seem to know what the Sun is! They know the usual things that it's hot and is bright. No wonder the United States is ranked third from the bottom in Science. I think we are ranked above Estonia and Ethiopia. Maybe it is good that the Globalists are trying to sneak in their 'tax everyone to death policies', just maybe, the people will awaken from their knuckle-dragging neanderthal way of thinking. "Sun, bright!"


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  3. The IPCC is really only an environmental advocay group geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    The only fact(ish) is the hockey stick.

    Gareth Morgan pisses over all of you.

  4. Actually he doesn't claim 30,000 scientists are going to sue.

    As soon as I hear someone say C02 is harmless because "C02 is a natural component in the atmosphere" I know I'm dealing with somebody that isn't intetrested in science – or is plain stupid. It's the sort of argument I hear from teenage hippies: "Dope can't be bad, maaan, it's, like, natural". So is cyanide.


    Sam Buchanan

  5. Al Gore is not interested in debate, opposing views or FACTS. He is interested in making millions of dollars off the so called "Green" industry. He can't let the light of truth be allowed to shine on him or his fellow global governence crowd. They'd have to scurry away like the cockroaches they are.

  6. The unscientific arguments postured in that clip do not do the anti-climate change lobby any favors. Also making claims that 30,000 scientists are to sue is a silly and premature claim to make.

    It would be far better for 30,000 scientists to actually sue then let that event be the news item rather than the mere claim.

  7. Great post Trevor,

    I'm one of the 30,000 scientists.

    Whenever there is a real debate between alarmists and skeptics the alarmists always lose. That is why they refuse to debate and resort to appeals to authority.

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