3 thoughts on “Make Mine Freedom

  1. Yeah, it's a historical piece from the optimistic days of 1948. And misses a few basic facts out – the US didn't get rich without ignoring property rights of indigenous people or refusing to protect intellectual property held by foreigners or a number of other things that don't suit this rose-tinted view of capitalism.

    But never mind that – look at the animation – lovely fluid over-the-top moves, great lines and colours, snappy dialogue. This is the sort of stuff that made the US the world's leading exporter of culture.

    Pity they've lost the knack. Japan and France seem to produce the best stuff these days.


    Sam Buchanan

  2. "today the automobile provides millions of jobs", "sends more to high school and college than the rest of the world combined"? this cartoon is defending an industrial form of Capitalism supported by the New Deal ("the American System") that simply doesn't exist in the US anymore. the reality of capitalism is poverty, unemployment, war, lack of access to education and oppression – as shown by the particularly high level of suffering caused by the current crisis

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