Loudon Speaks at "Marxism in America"

Yours truly’s speech to America’s Survivals’ “Marxism in America” conference, National Press Club, Washington D.C., October 21, 2010.

Please forgive the constant “y’knows” – we Kiwis talk like that y’know?


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6 thoughts on “Loudon Speaks at "Marxism in America"

  1. Your lecture was amazing Trevor, wish I could have been there. I too am forwarding this info to my Congressman. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  2. thanks Trevor, I've forwarded your website & keywiki info to Rep. Darryl Issa. If you know him or have contacts in California, please forward his staff your information.

    Congressional investigations need to start somewhere and he might get on board.

    Also, statewide across America: new wave of T.E.A. party backed and conservative Republicans have now been elected.

    The tide will be turned, but the battle wages on. The enemy is entrenched…


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