Mad Mags 3

David Farrar at KiwiBlog linked to my recent post on Massey Uni Marxist Margaret Trawick.

David also searched for more of Mags’s writings on the M-fem mailing list “a place for marxist-feminists to hang out“. He found some interesting posts, including this one

I cannot bring myself to hate any category of human beings so much that I would want to kill them all – despite what I said last night.
Isn’t this supposed to be a good thing?

Anyway, it is not guys’ fault that they are guys.
Not that it matters whether it is their fault or not.
After all, it was not the smallpox virus’s fault that it was the smallpox virus.

But it got eradicated anyway – nothing personal.
The Holocaust was based on this idea. Better not go there.
But even lesbians do not as a rule advocate male infanticide – while female infanticide is practiced all over the place. And it is the mothers who do
this, of course.

“Right-to-life” advocates say abortion is like the Holocaust. We disagree with them. But in a way they have a point. Selective female feticide happens in China and India. We think it is wrong. Too close to infanticide. But abortion is not wrong – as long as it is not gender selective.

But would selective male infanticide be wrong?

Also this one, which fortunately does reveal that Mags is not beyond redemption.

It is just an interesting question, why. If female human beings have been exploited and misused by males since time began, if the most fundamental class division is between female and male human beings, and if females can get along fine without males, except for basic reproductive purposes, then why do not females simply eliminate males, cull them as male calves or goats or sheep are culled by farmers and sold for meat. Because if males are allowed to reach adolescence, they only make trouble from then on out. They fight and kill one another by nature. Better to cull them before they reach this stage.

Please understand that I could not advocate such a program. My only children are two sons, and I love them more than I love anyone or anything else in this world, and after them comes my love for my partner, who is male. I would die for the sake of any one of them if I had to, no questions asked.

Just goes to show-deep down, love and the best aspects of human nature may trump even the worst case of Marxist ideology.


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