8 thoughts on “My Money’s on the Panther

  1. Thanks anon. If you’ve been using the name for a while, then I haven’t got much to complain about.

    I just became aware of it a couple of days ago when people brought it to my attention.

    It doesn’t seem to be causing a problem, though concievably it could.

    The choice is yours, just do what you think is best.


    Trevor L
    maybe its me that’s in the w

  2. Hello Trevor,

    I haven’t signed into your blog, but I am the person using the New Zeal username over at Unspin and Farrars. I just wanted to say that I have been using this handle for three years at hundreds of sites all round the web. I’m sorry if I have inadvertantly trodden on your identity. If my using it is a problem to you then let me know.

  3. Heh, very good.

    Ashburton is MID Canterbury though!!

    BTW- Sara hasn’t got any membership forms, i’ll bring along some pamphlets that have them.

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