Moscow to Build 5,000 Bomb Shelters

From Russia Today

Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks.

Moscow authorities say the measure is urgent as the shelters currently available in the city can house no more that half of its population.

In the last 20 years, the area of air-raid defense has been developed little, and the existing shelters have become outdated. Moreover, they are located mostly in the city center, which makes densely populated Moscow outskirts especially vulnerable in the event of a nuclear attack.

In order to resolve the issue, the city has given architects a task to construct a typical model of an easy-to-build shelter that will be located all over the city 10 to 15 meters underneath apartment blocks, shopping centers, sport complexes and parks, as in case of attack people will need to reach the shelters within a minute.

While President Obama talks peace, Moscow prepares for war. Why?


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1 thought on “Moscow to Build 5,000 Bomb Shelters

  1. I'm just not sure about this story. First of all they would be fallout shelters because you generally cannot build a bunker strong enough to protect you from a nuclear bomb. However with 15 minutes notice and Moscow being an obvious target in the event of a nuclear exchange these would be useless any one in the shelter or not in the shelter will get incinerated. Maybe 25 miles away a fallout shelter might help but not IN Moscow. I wonder if this is a phony story meant to scare the West?

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