Radical Rep. Linda Sanchez, Smears Arizona

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Far left California Democratic Congresswoman Linda Sanchez claims that “white supremacist” groups are behind Arizona’s new immigration laws. Sanchez also claims that these unnamed groups are pushing to implement similar legislation in other states.

Sanchez’s comments can be best seen in light of a campaign by the Marxist left – specifically the Communist Party USA and , to demonize and isolate Arizona.

The left want to make an example of Arizona to deter other states from going down the same path.

Sanchez herself is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America aligned Congressional Progressive Caucus. She also serves on the board of the Economic Policy Institute alongside several D.S.A. connected people including Barry Bluestone, Leo Gerard, Teresa Ghiladucci, Robert Kuttner, Julianne Malveaux, Larry Mishel and Bruce Raynor.

In 2008, Sanchez served on Barack Obama‘s Latino Advisory Council with current Obama Labor Secretary, the D.S.A. connected Hilda Solis, D.S.A. member Eliseo Medina and far left reps Luis Gutierrez and Nydia Velasquez.

Coincidentally Solis, Medina, Gutierrez and Velasquez are all leaders in the “immigration reform” movement, which seeks to legalize more than 12 million illegal immigrants. Medina has openly admitted that a major reason for doing this is to hand the Democrats at least 8 million new voters.

Many of this group have Cuban connections;.

From April 9-April 16 2004 Linda Sanchez was in Havana Cuba for “education”. The trip was funded by the far left William C. Velasquez Institute – total cost-$7,500.00.

From April 11 – 14, 2001 Hilda Solis was in Cuba for unspecified purposes. The trip which was also funded by the William C. Velasquez Institute – cost $1,214.50.

A major focus William C. Velasquez Institute is “promoting greater dialogue between the U.S. and Cuba”.

According to Communist Party USA paper Peoples Weekly World of October 28 1995;

Almost 1,600 Harlemites and solidarity activists packed the Abyssinian Baptist Church to give a hero’s welcome to Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba.

The mainly African American audience, which included New York Democratic representatives Charles Rangel and Nydia Velasquez, enthusiastically greeted the Communist leader with a 10-minute standing ovation. Chants of “Cuba si, Bloqueo no!” resounded from the rafters and sent a strong message of protest to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and President Clinton for excluding the Cuban leader from their sponsored events.

The audience erupted in shouts of “Fidel, Fidel” when Elombe Brath, head of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition and chair for the meeting, asked the audience, “Who would you rather come to Harlem, Fidel or Giuliani?”

Luis Gutierrez is a former leader of the Marxist-Leninist and militantly pro – Cuban Puerto Rican Socialist Party.

Unlike Linda Lanchez, this blog is willing to name names and deal in facts.


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