New Group Launched to Support Philippines Revolution

A new group is being established in Auckland to support the Philippines revolutionary movement.

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Auckland Philippines Solidarity Network invites you to


An exhibition of photos taken by Simon Oosterman during a 2008 solidarity visit to the Philippines.

This event will mark the launch of Auckland Philippines Solidarity. APS has been founded to campaign around human rights (Stop the Killings campaign) and trade union rights (with a local focus on Nestle and ANZ) in the Philippines, and also to establish a systematic and wide-reaching solidarity fund in New Zealand. APS will also be working closely with Migrante Aotearoa to build support networks for new migrants who are being forced to work in extra-exploitative conditions in New Zealand.

Short presentations by Luke Coxon (APS spokesperson), Jane Kelsey, and Dennis Maga (Migrante Aotearoa) will be preceded by drinks and food at 4.30pm.

Saturday September 20, 4.30pm, Langtons, Maungawhau Summit, Mt Eden, Auckland.

Simon Oosterman is an anarchist who works for the National Distribution Workers Union in Auckland.

Luke Coxon is an official with the Financial Sector (Finsec) union. He is a former Auckland University Maoist activist with strong ties to leftist union groups in South East Asia, particularly the Philippines.

Jane Kelsey is a well known Auckland University legal academic with strong ties to the Philippines left.

Dennis Maga, now resident in New Zealand is a former official of the Communist Party of the Philippines aligned KMU labour organisation.

Kelsey and Oosterman are both patrons of the defence fund for the 20 New Zealand anarchists and Maori activists arrested in the October 2007 “anti-terror” raids.

There has been no lasting Philippines Solidarity organisation in Auckland since the Keith Locke fronted and Workers Communist League run, Philippines Solidarity Network collapsed in the early ’90s.

The Philippines revolutionary movement is on an upward swing, so its not surprising to see increased solidarity from the new Zealand extreme left.


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9 thoughts on “New Group Launched to Support Philippines Revolution

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  2. George

    I certainly don’t trust either the UN rapporteur (Alston? was it) or human rights Watch.

    That said, i don’t think the AFP are always angels either.

    The point is though that the AFP are fighting a defensive war against leftists, CPP, NPA, Moro extremists and dozens of Maoist, Trotskist and anarchist factions, all intent on turning the Pines into a labour camp.

    The so called ‘legal” left is often just as dangerous as the armed fighters.

    There are no angels in this war, but most of the left are devils of one kind or another.

  3. Trevor, the NPA is not the Philippines left – there is a lot of division (as indeed is usual among the left!).

    The killings undertaken by the NPA are inexcusable. And indeed some of these are directed at the left.

    But these in no way lessen the responsibility of the Philippine Government for the hundreds of extra-judicial killings and disappearances of the legal left.

    Unless you’re prepared to dismiss reports of independent human rights organisations, Human Rights Watch and the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, the facts don’t support your conclusions.

  4. George-I agree. As the Communist Party of the Philippines is the biggest killer and a significant cause of refugees in the Philippines I’m sure you will want to join me in opposing them.

    Alistair-sorry, but I beg to differ.

  5. The KMU is not “aligned” with the CPP. There is no relationship between the two organisations, other than the fact that both are fighting against oppression and injustice.

  6. When you submit your CV to become a socialist shit stirrer, in the section marked ‘Job Description’ is it mandatory to put in either ‘Bludging Public Servant’ or ‘Pseudo Intellectual who has been at school since 5’?? Unionist’s are a given, so we’ll take them as read (oops ‘red’)

  7. Sounds like a pretty good cause. Why don’t you join? After all, everyone should be able to express their political opinions without fear of death, right? And no-one should have to work in extra-exploitative conditions simply because they’re an immigrant, right?

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