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Friday, 19 December 2008

Communist legend dies

The Communist Party of Australia is saddened to announce the death yesterday of its General Secretary, Mr. Peter Symon. Peter served for 36 years as the General Secretary of the Socialist Party of Australia and then the renamed Communist Party of Australia (CPA) until his death at the age of 86…

His understanding of the inequalities of the Australian system were heightened by his working life on the wharves and his activity during the war against fascism. He began his life long attachment to the Communist Party in the 1930s and did not waver from his conviction that only socialism could solve Australia’s economic, social and environmental problems.

“Peter’s leadership of the struggle for the better conditions for workers and a more just society spanned many of the tumultuous episodes of Australia’s 20th Century history from the Depression to the Second World War, banning of the Communist Party, the Communist Party dissolution referendum, and opposition to wars including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan,” CPA President Dr Hannah Middleton said.

“He outlived ten Prime Ministers, actively campaigning against each in whatever way they threatened the working people of Australia, the marginalised and disadvantaged

“He was deeply committed to the land and other rights of Australia’s indigenous people and spurred CPA campaigns in support of migrant rights. He fought for an equal place for women in the CPA and in Australian society and was passionate in his commitment to peace and justice.

“Peter’s contribution to the Australian and International communist movement was considerable. He ranks with other great Australian Communists such as JB Miles, Dick Dixon and Lance Sharkey.

“Peter will be remembered for his resolve and determination to win a socialist future for all Australians.


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5 thoughts on “Top Aussie Communist Shoots Through

  1. Anonymous, those who believe Trevor is wasting his time would be wrong. Communism is the distillation of human evil on Earth. There is nothing so vile as communism, nothing so deadly to people, and nothing so destructive to the environment. There is nothing to recommend it. It slaughters people, destroys morality, reverses human progress and leaves a depraved, lesser people behind when it finally passes. Trever is right to oppose it and those who conceal their communism behind the Labor and Democrat Parties.

  2. Sad for his family. Sad that a talented man should waste his life so. Sad that he’ll probably be replaced by someone younger and more dynamic.

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