6 thoughts on “How a Real President Talks

  1. Pull yourselves together you idiots…..you sound like horny 14 year olds with a crush on Miss Cutey Grade School Teacher…..positively salivating you are.

    Saddos ! Over the Chesterfield Man for God's sake ???

    I mean…..Nanc' and her sage very cleverly concealed the big cock-up in the man's head for years and years before it manifested in a public way (quaere: who was actually running the country ?)…..and you're getting all maudlin'…..?????

  2. My God I miss this great man. As for the end of his speech, the communist in 2010 have found their place in the White House.

  3. That bombing was in response to ONE American soldier being murdered in Germany.

    How many American soldiers would have to be targeted today to warrant Obama's bombing of a country (assuming the country was not Israel that is…)?

    Reagan set the standard. Some try to live up to it, others don't even try. In a sense, Obama is setting a new standard in foreign policy.

  4. Reagan was one of greatest presidents EVER.
    I would have kissed his feet for defeating the communism, Obama foists upon us now.
    The demsheviks and commies do not stand even his memories.
    That's the best measure of Reagan's success for the USA.

  5. This is real Americanism. Those who will not defend their own liberty do not deserve to have it, and will most assuredly lose it.

  6. …and as this speech was taking place the U.S was attacking undefended hospitals and farms in Nicaragua. Ah the irony.

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