22 thoughts on “How Subversion Works

  1. By the way, that was kinda racist of Steve to insult a common Hispanic name. *Gasp!* *Shock!* Guess he and his commie buddies are only nice to us when we're getting welfare checks and voting Democrap.

  2. Let's see how Steve feels during the next election cycle. He'll be rattling at his bars pretty good I reckon.

  3. Ricardo, good comment…

    but those scribbles are probably just Steve vomiting on his keyboard, after a night of drinking, trying to think of a snappy comment… which never works since he makes no sense… again…

    hey, what u drinking, Steve?

    did mum let u out of the basement? … nice of her

  4. Ricardo (cheap, wannabe name if ever I heard one) …… you truly are certifiable. Love the way Trevor salivates up and gives your conspiracist crap a polite thanks.

    Fortunately America is now way away from you nasties……thanks to the man at 1600.

    Rattle the bars of your cages as much as you like but America has turned the corner.

  5. Thanks Ricardo. I'm a long time Golitsyn fan and have posted about him often.

    You're right, if this goes on long enough, the US and what's left of the Free World will be taken out militarily.

  6. Actually, the best books about communism are by Solzhenitsyn.
    He lived it all, including in the gulags.
    Read "200 years together"-banned in the USA, and you will understand how deep is the doo-doo, we are in.

  7. Ah, here's a very useful video series you can post on your blog if interested. Part 1 of 3 parts of an interview regarding KGB disinformation.

  8. I highly recommend you review the writings of Anatoliy Golitsyn. I believe you can find his books in PDF form somewhere on the internet at this point (New Lies for Old and Perestroika Deception). If not, plenty of those old books can be found online to buy.

    He is a KGB defector as well, and spoke of the fake collapse of the Soviet Union in Russia. He argued that the "collapse" of the Soviet Union was a controlled demolition that had been planned since the late 1950s. It was inspired by Lenin's NEP (New Economic Policy) period wherein Russia allowed a certain level of capitalism in order to build their industry. During that period, movements were created (Google "Trust Operation") by the Russian intelligence service at that time whose goal was to lull the West into a false sense of security and bring out the real anti-Communists. If you notice, a vast majority of Russia's leaders, including Putin, are "former" KGB or Communist.

    This is what makes Obama so terrifying to have as a leader. We can always undo what the Commies do to our country legally; however, we can't survive world war 3 with the Obastard in office. I'm afraid that if the Democrats remain in power for too long, we will lose our nuclear and military superiority.

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