17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, "A Time for Choosing Again"

  1. Sarah is inspiring sooo much fear in the commies, because she is one of us and she speaks the truth.
    She is not perfect, but she is fearless, which turns the commies, used to the cocktail party panties, absolutely NUTS.

  2. perhaps grape flavor is too strong for Joe V… how about some raspberry? lemon?

    your sad tirades seem to fail to convince anyone here to "kill yourselves" Joe V…

    go try HuffPo… they are easily convinced of idiotic and irrational hatred over there…

    what, are you 12-13 and using mommies computer?

  3. God its idiots like you who would vote her the republican nominee and make the Kenyan Communist Obama win a second term.

    It's like me voting for the Libertarian canddidate because that's who I support without admitting that I'm just wasting my vote…so I don't do it.

    Oh well simple minded people make simple minded decisions. Please if you really like Obama that much just vote for him…nominating Palin is just an means to that end anyway.

    Yey lets vote for palin! She does tea parties! Clearly the rest of america is going to LOVE her too.

    Irrational fools.

    Do us all a favor and kill yourselves…I win, your ignorance loses. Go change your tampons women, because this girly man kicked the logical piss out of you.

  4. All liberals are affraid of her because she speaks to the American people not to the welfare state and communist dictators around the world.

  5. well let's all just live our lives by what leftist polls say … after all, people aren't capable of thinking for themselves…

    Joe V is hyperventilatin and needs some more koolaid… grape flavored… yum yum!

  6. Don't worry your little panties over it once again the patriots will rise and the girly mon and liberals like yourself will get taken along for the ride.

    No need to thank us, just get out of the way and witness what true leadership and character is.

  7. Oh and by the way, among the entire population Sarah Palin is even less popular than Obama.

    Obama has a 40% unfavorable rating currently.

    Palin has a 56% unfavorable rating currently.

    Again since reality seems to support my argument, I pray to god she doesn't run for president and cast a negative shadow over the republican party by doing so.

    I feel sorry for her, but the numbers don't lie: non-conservatives think she is a joke.

  8. Your an idiot if your so blind in your love affair with Mrs. Palin if you think she stands a chance in a presidential election. While I and other conservatives rightly would support her policies, the left and undecided voters have been brainwashed into thinking she is an imbecile. When she is mocked on everything from SNL to Seasame Street you should realize that she is not a viable candidate. She definitely is a viable nominee, and could win the republican primary.

    Apparently my acceptance of reality makes me effeminate and and an "example of the feminization of man in America."

    Seriously, instead of resorting to the leftist's favorite tactic of an abusive ad-hominem attack, how about you convince me that besides among conservatives Sarah Palin isn't hated.

    When you address all the logical points I made in my argument you might convince me otherwise. But when your only evidence of her winning is your unsupported opinion that she would "wipe the floor with Obama" because liberals are scared of her, then I'm not very convinced.

    Apparently you haven't looked at how she polls among non-conservatives…she might as well be cancer mixed with AIDS when to comes to her polling amongst these people.

    But I susspose I'm just being feminine.

  9. great speech by possibly the next American POTUS…

    everyone who suffers from PDS will just have to get used to saying "Madame President"…

    thanks, Trevor

  10. Joe your the perfect example of the feminization of man in America.

    She can't win because the media hates her?

    Then we might as well just grab our ankles and hand this nation off to the marxists get a shovel and start digging in the mines or the rice fields.

    They reason they attack her is because she would wipe the floor with Obama, the liberals and inside the beltway republicans know this.

    if she was damaged goods they would not risk alienating the women vote or people that are turned off by threatening children to destroy a candidate.

    Get some balls stand up and fight to get this country back.

    If your a leftist spreading propaganda then you are correct in being affraid because she will mop the floor with your dear leader.


  11. Sarah Palin will be the death of the resurgences of the conservative movement.

    Don't get me wring, she is right on most issues and her ideas are exactly what we need BUT….

    The left-wing media has successfully painted her as a right wing "tea bagger" crazy lady. And though that is completely wrong, both liberals and independents now feel that way about her.

    And if you notice on the left networks they give way more air-time attention to sarah palin than do the conservative media outlets because they know they have succeeded in portraying her as a stupid hick cheerleader.

    Again they are completely wrong, but they are succeeding by giving her attention ahead of all other conservatives. THe more liberals and independents associate Sarah Palin with the Republican party the worse republicans will do in the next election. And if she runs for President, and even if she loses the nomination, the left wing media will make all liberals and independents think sarah palin when they hear republican. By the time she loses the primary conservatives will have lost all chance of winning the presidency because of the negative connotation that libs and inds have regarding Palin.

    If she won the nomination, well it would be a landslide victory for liberals.

    I am terrified that she is going to run for president and cost us the presidency by doing so. Seriously watch MSNBC and you will be amazed how match attention (all negative of course) Palin receives on that network…and CNN/CBS/NBC/ABC.

    Fox news only talks about her when shes really making news. But the left has already succeeded in demonizing the woman. Ask any liberal or "independent" what they think of Sarah Palin…every-time I have I get a horribly negative response.

  12. You both are a bunch of clowns.

    Adams, a guy who spent his whole life posting warnings from defectors to the very dangers of socialism which he admits supporting.

    In Mr Adams own words.

    Glenn Beck might be wrong in my view when it comes to not recognizing the need to use representative government to provide for the common welfare including universal healthcare, but I think he is dead right on his geopolitics here:

    The support of the marxists holy grail of nationalized healthcare, that will lead to the downfall of this nation and the forced abortions of millions of children?

    Why do you post this stuff if you believe in tyranny yourself?

    Framing a murder on a fellow Christian yet you claim to be a man of GOD?

    I can say the same things about some articles you posted on your site but I am not insane, the killer killed because he is evil and mentally ill.

    You yourself are taking part in the subversion process, as Yuri Bezmenov said the killer is no longer responsible for his actions, its society that oppresses him or maybe a website that incited his rage.

    In your warped world view, all speech, your very website and random graphics will be banned and we will all be side by side in the rice patties bowing to our dear leader.

    In my opinion you Mr. Adams are not a true believer in God, or in the message that the brave defectors have written or in the America you claim to have devoted your life to defend.

    You my friend are a total scam.

    Which is why you support socialism and despise someone like Palin who want to restore this nation back to where you have to work for a living, actually produce something and not sit in your PJ's all day wiping the dribble off your chin.

    You are a walking, talking contradiction who attack the people that are being threatened by the same marxist, communists you wish to warn the American people about.

    What a waste of time but I thought it was necessary to point our your hypocrisy.

  13. So Sarah talks some political rah-rah, okay. But in the end she will do whatever Rothschild tells Rockefeller to tell Kissinger to tell her to do.

    I think its time for us as Americans to wake up to the fact that these candidates are manufactured and controlled by the international globalists. Look at that dunce Jimmy Carter, he was manufactured over a period of a few months once Rockefeller gave him the nod. When it comes to presidential candidates, the American People NEVER get what they pay or vote for.

    She won’t say one word about the Federal Reserve because she’s already on the payroll of the destroyers of America. She’s just another new world order stooge that will never address the real problems of bloated government and debt slavery to international bankers aka the Rothschilds.

    C’mon People.


  14. Good speech. Sarah gets it! Unlike the other conservative politicians she embraces Reaganism.

    Like others, I have closely followed her. She is exactly what America needs at this time. Hopefully America will embrace her enough to put her in the White House and restore the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

    Her blowing off the CPAC invitation proves that she is her own women and not part of the establishment.

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